What Height Can Tell About a Woman’s Personality, Studies Suggest

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There is the question of whether the best things come in small or large packages. The truth is, there are several studies that prove that height can predict personality traits related to a woman’s career and personal development. And whatever your case is, short or tall, both share differences that make our personalities unique.

We at Bright Side were curious to see how our future could already be defined by our height. So stick around and check out what we discovered.

1. Tall women aim high.

The taller you are, the higher your aspirations. Research done by the University of St. Andrews and the University of Stirling found that taller women tend to be more ambitious and more likely to focus on building a career rather than starting a family.

After studying the results of a questionnaire applied to different women from Australia, Canada, the UK, and the US, psychologists concluded that women with a height above average are perceived as being more assertive, career-minded, and dominant.

2. Short women are more maternal.

Furthermore, UK psychologists have found that shorter women tend to prefer long-term relationships with men and therefore have children. British women between 1.51 and 1.58 are more likely to start a family and be in a stable marriage at age 42.

3. On the other hand, tall women have longer pregnancies.

To say that shorter women have tendencies to develop more maternal traits doesn’t mean that taller women can’t. And conversely, they are more likely to have longer pregnancies.

In 2015, researchers concluded that a mother’s height has a direct impact on the length of her pregnancy. Several causes can be attributed, including genes and nutrition throughout women’s lives, which may predict that taller women will have fewer premature babies.

4. And short women are more likely to have more children.

Although tall women may have longer pregnancies, interestingly and probably due to their more maternal personalities, shorter women, especially in modern Western societies, tend to have more children.

5. Tall women struggle more to find a partner.

When it comes to finding a soul mate, studies show that it’s harder for tall women to find the right partner. It’s no surprise that tall celebrities like Taylor Swift have had to write a few albums before finding the right one.

study from the University of St. Andrews and the University of Stirling said that taller women may have slightly higher levels of testosterone or lower levels of estrogen, which may make them have more masculine personalities.

As a result, regardless of whether tall people are considered more attractive, men unconsciously look for fertility traits in women, giving those with more maternal traits extra points.

6. Short women don’t trust others very easily.

When it comes to building trust and interaction in society, short women are harder to convince and have bigger trust issues compared to taller women.

Confidence is linked to self-esteem. A study was carried out in 2014, in which, through a virtual reality experiment on an underground train ride, the participants experimented with avatars of different heights. The results showed that those with characters of shorter stature tended to distrust those around them more, which can translate to how they are perceived in comparison to a group.

Whether we’re tall or short, these studies share some interesting facts about us. It is not that we necessarily have to behave like this, after all, we are born with a certain defined height but it is us who build our personality along the way. And that makes us unrepeatable.

Can you relate to any of these facts about women’s height? Do you know of any other traits related to height? Share your thoughts with us here!


I think it's not about the height but the body. women on curvier side are seen to be more appealing because of the standard set on our society nowadays
Seriously who in their right mind takes this crud as Fact???
So much is about NOT accepting being Stereotyped and having you have your life fitting into little boxes of acceptance of who you're Supposed to be based on Wrong information.
You are an Individual, Not a Sheep.!
Think for Yourself and Only Accept Your Best based on You as an Individual!!!

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