What If You Have Already Met a Time Traveler

10 months ago

You know how Stephen Hawking said: “The best evidence we have that time travel is not possible, and never will be, is that we have not been invaded by hordes of tourists from the future.” But what if these tourists come to our time, but they do it secretly? You may even have met one of them. Let’s see the most famous time travelers.

Meet Orrin. He’s a cyborg who came to us from the year 2050 to stop the coming end of the world. In 2020, he appeared on a TV show where he said the whole world was inside the matrix. Then he hit the headlines and gave an interview to a popular YouTube channel.

As proof that he’s a cyborg, he demonstrated his robotic voice, which can be made in a simple computer program. And he also called himself “we” because he declared himself a collective consciousness that had come to save humanity. Orrin became famous for his predictions about the near future, but it turned out that many experts had already announced these forecasts earlier.

He also said that a huge corporation was suppressing humanity, and we were inside a complex computer simulation. If we don’t improve or care for each other and nature, the end will begin in 2050. Orrin no longer appears on major shows, but he has a small fanbase of people who love all sorts of fantastic theories.

Another time traveler is Adam Archon, who came to us from 2045. There was an interview with him on YouTube, where he shared some details about the future of the US, after which the video went viral and hit the lines in many newspapers. Archon reported that the last official president of the country would be the daughter of Martin Luther King III — Yolanda Renee King, and she would become the greatest US president in history.

Another exciting event that Archon announced is supposed to happen in 2028. He said that people would learn about the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. He added that these creatures wouldn’t come from outer space. The traveler also noted that the world would switch to a single digital currency, and all cash would disappear.

Of course, no one believed him, so the experts conducted a lie detector test. And Adam Archon successfully passed it. He said that he had a chip in his hand to facilitate time travel; an extraterrestrial civilization would arrive on Earth in 2028, and in 2045 people would be closer to robots.

The lie detector didn’t state that Archon was lying. But this doesn’t mean he told the truth since the device can be deceived with the help of special training. In any case, in 2028, we will find out whether Archon was right or not.

All these time travelers arrive in the past and, for some reason, don’t use knowledge from the future. What would you do if you could go back 50 years? Perhaps, you would invest money in shares of some young company that will become a big expensive corporation. In that case, everyone would believe that you really came from the past.

And by the way, one guy did it! He invested $800 in the stock exchange and made $350 million out of it! This guy’s name was Andrew Carlssin. And he hit a big jackpot in 2003. However, he didn’t manage to enjoy a rich life because the FBI came for him.

Andrew sold some stocks and bought others and did this very successfully. Thus, in a few months, he became a millionaire. The Securities Commission couldn’t believe in such coincidences, so it called the FBI. During the interrogation, everyone was sure Andrew would begin to justify himself and say he was lucky. But instead, he calmly replied that he came from the year 2256 with the help of a time machine.

Of course, no one took it seriously. But when the FBI started looking for information about this man, they found nothing. Andrew Carlssin had no documents. He was not in any database. He just appeared out of nowhere and started making a lot of money. He was interrogated for about 4 hours, and he behaved pretty calmly.

It seemed as if he was telling the truth. However, he didn’t tell them the time machine’s location. When the press found out about this man, he immediately became a celebrity. Well-known news sites began to write about Andrew Carlssin. Articles have appeared in Japan, Australia, Germany, the UK, and other countries.

And, of course, journalists started calling the FBI to find out more details about this guy. And the FBI told them that the whole story was fiction and that there was no Andrew Carlssin. Information about him appeared on an Internet resource known for its fake news. At some point, the article about the time traveler somehow got into Yahoo, where it went viral. So, as we see, all statements about time travelers are either fiction or a lie.

Conversations about such travels appeared thanks to fantastic films and books. Pop culture has greatly influenced this fantastic concept and created several theories claiming that time travel is real. And some people believe that. Especially those who are far from science.

But what do real scientists think about this? Are such trips really impossible? Let’s try to find out. Scientists say “yes” — time travel is real because we are now traveling in time. Time is moving forward, and we are moving with it. We can call it a journey. But if we need to get into the future or go back to the past, everything is much more complicated here.

Remember Einstein’s theory of relativity? It says that time moves relative to the observer and has no constant value. To understand better, here’s a simple example. 10 hairs on your head. Is it a lot or little? 10 hairs in a bowl of soup. Is that a lot or little? Everything is relative and depends on the conditions.

The same thing happens with time and space. If we move at a tremendous speed, close to the speed of light, then time slows down for us. The perception of time becomes different for a person who’s running and for one who’s standing still. If we are near some heavy object, let’s say, a thousand times heavier than the Sun, then the time next to this object also slows down, thanks to its strong gravity.

In this sense, time travel is possible if you’re an old person and meet your friend as young as he was 50 years ago. “Why are you so young?” “Oh, I’ve just been flying in space at a tremendous speed all this time, that’s all.” But this doesn’t mean that this friend just sat on the ship for 50 years and didn’t age.

No, time was different for him. 10 years for you on Earth is a long period of time. But for him, these ten years passed like half an hour. Gravity and speed bend time. For this reason, astronaut Scott Kelly, who spent a year and a half in orbit, became five milliseconds younger than his twin brother after coming to Earth.

All this time, Scott spent inside the ship flying in orbit at high speed, and he was also further away from the gravitational center of the planet. So, time was slower for him by five milliseconds than for his brother. Objectively, time always runs at the same speed, but its speed changes inside the perceptions of different observers under different conditions.

That’s what the theory of relativity is about. But what about jumping into the future or the past, like in movies? Wormholes will help you with this. This is something like tunnels that pass through space and time and can connect different time segments in different places in the universe.

They are like cheat codes that can break the laws of the universe. Wormholes are elusive, have different sizes, are unpredictable, appear in space, and vanish. But their main problem is that wormholes exist only in theory and sci-fi and have never been noticed in our universe by scientists.


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