What Is a Lumbersexual, and 10 Celebrities Who Are an Example of This Type of Man

4 years ago

Men’s fashion and trends change just as much as women’s. First, there were the metrosexuals, then came the ubersexual. Now, it’s all about the lumbersexual. But what the heck is that? It’s a mix of hipster with lumberjack, plaid shirts and beards, but they’re so cute it’s breathtaking. Although this new fad has a strange name, I’m sure you can identify more than one lumbersexual in your life.

Lumbersexuals have achieved the perfect balance between masculine and debonair that makes them irresistible. Bright Side brings you a list of 10 very sexy celebrities who follow this new trend, and shows you how you can identify them around you.

What is a lumbersexual and how can you identify one?

If you are struck by the number of men who look tousled and unkempt on the streets, don’t panic. It’s a male tendency: lumbersexuality. They are called that in reference to American lumberjacks. Although they don’t seem to care about it, they do care about their appearance. Looking virile and strong takes time and effort, just like with any other fashion trend.

Identifying them is not difficult, since most of them have certain characteristics that women can’t help but notice:

  • Plaid shirt: This is the most common wardrobe choice. They usually use black and red checked flannel shirts, although they accept other variations (even if they are only one shade of blue, ochre, or maroon). To complete the country look, they combine the shirt with a pair of worn-out jeans, rustic boots, and a wool cap. Sometimes, they wear a suit, but without covering up their rustic features.
  • Hair and beard: Like Samson, the lumbersexual’s strength radiates from his slightly long and “seemingly” unkempt hair. The true sign of his identity is his bushy beard. Being hairy is not embarrassing at all. Instead it’s a source of pride.
  • That neglected look: When you see them, it seems like they got dressed in the first thing they found in their closet. They look neglected, as if they chose their clothes without thinking about them, and they look attractive anyway.
  • Tattoos: Not an uncommon feature. Most lumberjacks have some part of their body tattooed.
  • Nature, backpack, and eyeglasses: Lumberjacks love nature, outdoor sports, forest walks, and river picnics. They choose to do all this in the company of a couple of necessities: their backpack and its companion, their dark-rimmed eyeglasses.

Celebrities are not immune to this trend, and the following are at the top of the list of very attractive lumbersexuals.

1. Hugh Jackman

2. Chris Hemsworth

3. Kit Harington

4. Joe Manganiello

5. Ryan Reynolds

6. Matthew McConaughey

7. Bradley Cooper

8. Viggo Mortensen

9. Gerard Butler

10. Jason Momoa

What do you think? Which of these 10 celebrities is a lumbersexual by nature? Do you find men who follow this trend attractive? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!


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