What Might Happen If You Drink Your Coffee Before Breakfast

2 years ago

If the first thing you do right upon waking up is to reach for your cup of coffee, you may want to reconsider this habit. Although it might be hard to start the day without your morning coffee, drinking it before you eat your breakfast can lead to some pretty serious consequences, including high blood sugar levels and strong anxiety.

Here at Bright Side, we are also struggling to pull ourselves out of bed sometimes. But after doing this research, we will definitely drink our morning coffee well after we’ve had our breakfast.

1. If might affect your blood sugar levels.

Many coffee lovers can’t stand the thought of facing the day without a hot cup of Java, but if the first thing your body comes into contact with in the morning is coffee, it can up your blood sugar levels by a whopping 50%. But this doesn’t mean you have to ditch your beloved beverage and switch to decaf. Studies have shown that you can improve this harmful effect if you simply eat your breakfast first and then drink your coffee later.

2. You may experience leg cramps.

Most of us have suffered from a bad night of sleep every now and then, but if you’re used to pouring a cup of coffee immediately after you wake up you might be actually sabotaging all your efforts to get a good night’s sleep. Because caffeine ups your blood sugar levels, it might lead to leg cramps that can keep you up at night.

3. It may dry out your skin.

Coffee is a powerful diuretic, which means it can make your trips to the bathroom much more frequent. Although occasionally enjoying your cup of coffee won’t lead to serious dehydration, it still causes your body to lose fluids, and it’s important to drink enough water throughout the day. If you don’t drink as much fluid as you lose, it may affect your skin, causing it to become dry.

4. You might feel strong anxiety.

When we wake up, our cortisol, also known as a stress hormone, is at its highest. If you drink your coffee before even eating breakfast, caffeine can clash with cortisol, causing your body to experience even more stress. It’s better to wait about an hour after you wake up to drink your cup of Joe and make sure to hydrate before having it.

How much coffee do you drink daily? Do you drink your coffee before or after breakfast?


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