What Our 18 Favorite Cartoon Characters Would Look Like When They Grew Up

5 years ago

While some cartoon characters grow up, start a family, and have kids, others stay small children forever. A number of artists think this isn’t fair and use their talents to change the situation. They design adult versions of well-known cartoon heroes. And some of them seem to have changed quite a bit during their life!

The team at Bright Side is a group of curious and artistic people. In this article, we have combined creative fan art that portrays our favorite little kid cartoon characters as grown-ups! We have also tried to imagine a bit what their adult lives would look like.

1. Moana, Moana

Rumor has it that Moana has become a new sea goddess. Now she lives in harmony with herself and nature. However, she never forgets her old friends and still believes in the power of singing.

2. Boo, Monsters Inc.

Boo loves to unveil secrets and isn’t afraid of monsters which is why as an adult, she works as a journalist. She still remembers her childhood stories and cannot wait to tell them to her children.

3. Dora, Dora the Explorer

Dora is a tough, muscular young woman now. She continues her search of wonders in different parts of the world without forgetting her old friends.

4. Lilo, Lilo & Stitch

Lilo is working as an anthropologist. She and Stitch are still best friends, which this photo on her fridge shows. They travel a lot, meet many cool people, and hear great stories every day.

5. Scooby and Shaggy, Scooby-Doo

Scooby and Shaggy have stayed best friends forever. They grew old together and now share quiet evenings with pizza and memories of their adventures. However, they are still always ready to run away from any monsters and investigate the case afterward.

6. Lisa Simpson, The Simpsons

Lisa Simpson grew up into a stylish lady. She has moved to New York and has a corporate job in an office. She got divorced, but recently started a new relationship with Nelson.

7. Toulouse, Marie, and Berlioz, Aristocats

The kittens are grown-up cats and real аristocrats now. Since they don’t have to worry about money, they have opened a cafe where every street cat or dog can eat for free. Also, young kittens from poor families are invited for singing and painting lessons, free-of-charge.

8. Ash Ketchum, Pokémon

Ash has become a Pokémon master. Nowadays he has a school of his own where he teaches young Pokémon trainers. He has also traveled a lot, winning Pokebattles in different parts of the world.

9. Marceline, Adventure Time

Marceline is a real rock star now. She has her own band which actively tours around the country. She also actively supports the feminist movement.

10. Violet Parr, The Incredibles

Violet has turned into a full-power adult superheroine and has a couple of new superpowers. Together with her family, she continues fighting monsters. She has moved out of her parents’ place and rents an apartment, but she still spends a lot of time with her family.

Bonus: Mulan and Li Shang, Mulan

Becoming an adult also means that one day our favorite characters will grow old. Some artists also illustrate the Disney couples on pension. And they are still in love, like Mulan and Li Shang, for example.

Which of these pics did you like the most? Do they correspond with your ideas of cartoon kids as adults? Please tell us in the comments!


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