What the Characters From “Monsters, Inc.” Would Look Like if They Were Human

3 years ago

Many times animated films have characters that, even though we know they could not exist in real life, have characteristics that remind us of humans. And maybe not just any human, but ones that we have encountered in our daily lives. Sometimes they even bear a slight resemblance to other characters played by real-life actors. Well, we’re sure everybody will agree that this is the case with movies like Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University, in which their charming characters are so real and close to us that there’s no chance you haven’t asked yourself what they would look like if they were human.

Of course, the Bright Side illustration team had the same question. But thanks to their great drawing skills, they didn’t have to wait for Pixar to release a live-action movie to know what the characters from Monsters Inc. would look like as humans. In our opinion, Celia is the best one! And don’t miss the bonus at the end of the article, you’ll be surprised!

1. James P. Sullivan

2. Mike Wazowski

3. Randall Boggs

4. Roz

5. Celia

6. Henry J. Waternoose III

7. Abominable Snowman

8. George Sanderson

9. Fungus

10. Don Carlton

11. Scott Squibbles

12. Art

13. Professor Knight

14. Sheri Squibbles

Bonus: This is what Boo would like all grown up!

Have you ever imagined what your favorite animated characters would look if they were human? What other animated films were your favorites in your childhood? Let us know and we might make a new article with your favorite characters!


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3 years ago
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3 years ago
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I wish they continue Monster Inc, was such a nice universe


I pretty much just wanna hug most of them! Nice interpretations. The diversity was nice. I am in my thirties and quite excited if there’s really going to be another movie! Too bad we don’t have 23 months, because 2319 would be great. Or 19 months. Hahaha bad joke sorry.

3 years ago
OMG Karen, why have you deleted this comment?

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