What These 20 Celebs Looked Like When They Were Youngsters

2 years ago

It’s never easy to imagine what someone looked like as a child. Then, fashion and hairdos might have been completely different, they could have had braces, and so on. Many celebrities that you know well have transformed on their road to adulthood and it’s fascinating to see how much they’ve changed.

With that in mind, Bright Side comes to you today with a list of celebrities whose early photos would never reveal what they look like today!

1. Helena Bonham Carter

2. Tom Cruise

3. Britney Spears

4. Kate Hudson

5. Jennifer Garner

6. Hilary Duff

7. Dacre Montgomery

8. January Jones

9. Mark Ruffalo

10. Drew Barrymore

11. Ruby Rose

12. Matt Bomer

13. Ryan Seacrest

14. Sofía Vergara

15. Mandy Moore

16. Mindy Kaling

17. Heidi Klum

18. Clark Gregg

19. Shay Mitchell

20. Fergie

Which of these celebrities do you think has changed the most throughout the years? Have you also transformed since you were a kid? Share your photos and opinions in the comments. We’re eager to hear from you!


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