Where the 20 Hottest Celebrities Over 40 Rank, According to Ordinary People

year ago

Beauty is a very subjective concept because all people consider different things beautiful. But there are some celebrities who are really attractive. And people who rank these celebs online prove this fact better than any magazine. This time, Internet users decided to make their own list of the most attractive people over the age of 40. Some places were shared by several celebrities.

We at Bright Side were really pleased to see this list, and we absolutely had to share it with you.

20th place: Brad Pitt (58), Matthew McConaughey (52), and Hugh Jackman (53)

19th place: Cate Blanchett (52)

18th place: Mads Mikkelsen (56)

17th place: Winona Ryder (48)

16th place: Paul Rudd (52)

15th place: Charlize Theron (45)

14th place: Elizabeth Hurley (55)

13th place: David Tennant (49)

12th place: Timothy Olyphant (52) and Oscar Isaac (43)

11th place: Gillian Anderson (52)

10th place: Gwen Stefani (52)

9th place: Linda Cardellini (45)

8th place: Ewan McGregor (50)

7th place: Jennifer Connelly (51)

6th place: Kate Beckinsale (48)

5th place: Monica Bellucci (57)

4th place: Morena Baccarin (42)

3rd place: Salma Hayek (54) and Thandiwe Newton (49)

2nd place: Ming-Na Wen (57) and Jennifer Beals (58)

1st place: Marisa Tomei (57)

Who would you add to this list?


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