Who Conquered Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Heart and 5 Curious Facts About Their Discreet Relationship

7 months ago

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, best known for his role in The Walking Dead show has notably kept his love life under wraps. Although the actor has been married before and went through a few failed relationships, the first time he met Hilarie Burton, he knew she was the one. Let’s dive into their one-of-a-kind story together and find out who’s the queen of his heart and who’s the lucky one in their relationship — spoiler alert — they both truly are.

It all started with a blind date in 2009.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton were set up on a blind date by their mutual friends — Jensen Ackles and Danneel Ackles. Jeffrey was happened to be single, and his friend knew Hilarie would be a perfect fit for him — and he was right. About their date, he shared, “I knew the minute that I met her that she was the one.”

Talking about meeting Dean for the first time, Hilarie said, “When he came along, he was so sure of himself. I was not a girl anyone pursued. I’ve always been alpha. And Jeffrey was like, ’You’re going to be my girlfriend.’” While she enjoyed being courted, one thing that stood about Dean was the fact that “His confidence was intoxicating.”

Jeffrey and Hilarie welcomed their first baby after a few months of dating.

In 2010, they welcomed their son, Augustus and 8 years later their daughter, George Virginia. Jeffrey Dean was present at their births and was not afraid to be hands-on with his newborns. He actually helped deliver both, of course assisted by their midwife, who at one point during Augustus’s birth told the actor, “You’re going to catch the baby.”

For their daughters’ birth, having already had some practice, he knew what was coming. Jeffrey Dean shared, “George started coming, and the midwife moved aside. And I just went in and grabbed her by her little cheeks and had her out in 3 seconds.”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton moved to their Mischief Farm.

On their very first date, Hilarie and Jeffrey Dean asked one another “What do you want for the future?” and both answered, “To live and raise a family on a farm.” Fast-forward more than 10 years, their dreams came true. The Dean-Burton family ditched the busyness of LA for a quieter, simpler life and moved to a farm in upstate New York.

Dean and Burton been calling this place their home since 2018 and love to share snippets from their day-to-day endeavors. They raise highland cattle, miniature donkeys, dogs, chickens, even alpacas. Jeffrey and Hilarie “found joy in this lifestyle of hard work and chores and mountains of manure” and they wish others could experience it too.

Getting married was not about just signing a contract for Jeffrey and Hilarie.

Even before spending more than a decade together and becoming parents, Hilarie believed that Jeffrey was her husband from the very moment they met. She shared that “rather than make vows right out of the gate, we lived them. For over 10 years. The good times and the bad. Standing up there with our children at our sides — celebrating all that has been — was bliss.”

She continued, “For years, publications have reported that we got married in 2014 or 2015 and that I’ve been married and divorced before. All untrue. But we knew our truth. So it felt silly to try and correct anything.”

The couple had a private magical wedding, surrounded by friends and family.

Hilarie and Jeffrey Dean always share sweet messages to each other, and many fans praise their bond.

Despite their 16-year age gap, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, 57 and Hilarie Burton Morgan, 41, have a relationship that makes many jealous. Talking about her husband, Hilarie shared that “He’s the rock, he’s the one that’s like ’Let’s just be calm about this.’”

About his wife, Jeffrey acclaimed that “She holds the fort down when I’m away, and she holds the fort down when I’m there. I think she thinks I’m a good father and that that’s the sexiest thing about me. She has enough love for all of us, it’s an amazing gift to have so much love. I like the life I’ve been able to build with Hilarie. She just likes the person that I’ve become.”

Giada Papini Rampelotto/EuropaNewswire/DPA/East News

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton are not the only ones that have conquered the age gap stigma, take a look at other couples that prove how an age difference means nothing in the face of true love.


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