Who the Hottest Man Alive Was the Year You Were Born

2 years ago

Talent made them famous, and their attractiveness got everyone’s attention. From the masculine-looking, muscle-heavy guys like Mel Gibson and Bruce Willis in the ’80s to the blue-eyed blondes like Matthew McConaughey and Justin Timberlake in the ’00s, the changing preferences represent the rising stars in each decade, making it clear that beauty standards can change not only for women but also for men.

Bright Side took a trip down memory lane and put together a list of the most handsome men from every year since 1980. Can you guess who the number one man of the year was when you were born? Take a look and find out.

1980: Richard Gere

1981: Robert De Niro

1982: Burt Reynolds

1983: David Bowie

1984: Arnold Schwarzenegger

1985: Mel Gibson

1986: Tom Cruise

1987: Patrick Swayze

1988: Bruce Willis

1989: Harrison Ford

1990: Johnny Depp

1991: Kevin Costner

1992: Michael Douglas

1993: Jeff Goldblum

1994: Keanu Reeves

1995: Brad Pitt

1996: Denzel Washington

1997: George Clooney

1998: The Backstreet Boys

1999: Hugh Grant

2000: NSYNC

2001: Pierce Brosnan

2002: Ben Affleck

2003: 50 Cent

2004: Jude Law

2005: Matthew McConaughey

2006: Justin Timberlake

2007: Matt Damon

2008: Hugh Jackman

2009: Robert Pattinson

2010: Ryan Reynolds

Which man was considered the hottest the year you were born? Did your celebrity crush make it on the list?


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