Why a Psychologist Urges You to Stop Kissing Your Kids on the Lips

The trend of celebrities kissing their children on the lips has sparked an emotional debate among parents and experts alike. While some see it as a loving gesture, a psychologist warns that it could have harmful effects on children’s development. This controversial topic has raised questions about appropriate parenting practices and the potential impact they can have on kids.

It can shift the kid’s understanding of personal boundaries.

The personal boundaries of a child’s body are crucial for their healthy development, as highlighted by renowned psychologist Charlotte Reznick. Kissing a child on the lips, along with other intrusive practices like tight swaddling, force-feeding, and aggressive tickling, can send a message that their personal space is open to intrusion.

Such parenting habits can increase the risk of the child developing a “victim syndrome,” leading to difficulty setting boundaries and saying “no.” By understanding the impact of their actions, parents can create a safe and nurturing environment for their children to thrive.

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It’s unsanitary.

Medical professionals, including dentists, are sounding the alarm about the potential dangers of sharing saliva with children. While adults may be able to handle the microbes in their mouths, children with weaker immune systems are more vulnerable to harmful infections.

Renowned psychologist Charlotte Reznick underscores the importance of understanding this risk, as some infections can be transmitted to children through saliva and cause serious harm. By taking precautions to limit the exchange of saliva, parents can protect their children’s well-being.

The child may start kissing other people on the lips as an expression of sympathy.

According to psychologists, children tend to learn by mimicking their surroundings, including behaviors taught at home. Thus, they may innocently imitate kissing on the lips as a way of showing affection towards others, unaware of the gesture’s intimate implications. Therefore, they may unknowingly repeat the gesture with others outside the family circle. To avoid such situations, the expert suggests limiting kisses to the child’s cheeks or forehead instead.

The public display of affection between parents and their children, particularly kissing on the lips, has been a controversial topic in recent years. Victoria and David Beckham, who are known for their lavish lifestyle and high-profile image, have been criticized for kissing their children on the lips in public. But the couple remark, “We want to show our kids love and we protect them, look after them, and support them, and we’re very affectionate with them.”


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As a survivor of childhood trauma and SA, I wholeheartedly agree with the doctor on this issue. Children need very clear messages about what to expect from people outside their core family members and beyond. If they're muddled at all it may make things more difficult for children to determine when alarms should be going off and who can be trusted. Children need so much more support than one would imagine if they haven't been exposed to issues like that and even when they have as parents. We can't watch over them all the time unfortunately and predators are even the people you least expect. I just wouldn't want to unnecessarily lessen their advantage to protect themselves. This is just my humble opinion, you can take it with a grain of salt.


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