Charlize Theron Shares Why Being a Single Mom Is Cool

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6 months ago

Charlize Theron’s extraordinary journey into motherhood commenced in 2012 when she made the life-changing decision to adopt her eldest daughter, Jackson, who is now 11. The acclaimed actress expanded her family three years later by embracing motherhood once again through the adoption of her younger daughter, August, who is currently 7.

Adoption was her priority during her entire life.

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Theron has been remarkably open about her adoption journey, shedding light on the profound significance of this choice in her life. During a heartfelt interview, the actress shared that adoption had always been a top priority for her, and she couldn’t do it while she was in a relationship.
Her upbringing deeply influenced this decision in South Africa, where she was exposed to the harsh realities faced by orphaned children, igniting a lifelong commitment to providing a loving home for those in need.

She wants her daughter to understand their identity first.

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Theron’s transparent and thoughtful approach to parenting extends beyond the decision to adopt. The Oscar-winning actress has been vocal about raising two daughters, emphasizing the importance of instilling confidence and pride in their heritage. Her experiences growing up during South Africa’s apartheid era have fueled her dedication to ensuring her daughters embrace their identities. Despite the challenges presented by the evolving societal climate, Theron remains steadfast in her commitment to building a strong foundation for her children.

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As a single mom, Theron offered candid insights during a December 2022 interview, acknowledging the multifaceted nature of parenthood. She eloquently described the journey from feeling overwhelmed to the eventual realization of the immense joy derived from overcoming challenges. Theron also shared humorous anecdotes about her daughters’ perceptions of her career, with her younger one humorously suggesting that her mom can’t hold a job.

Theron still notices negative comments about her adoption.

Theron delved into the personal aspects of her adoption journey, sharing that she cast a wide net in her approach, hoping that her child would find her in the way they were meant to be. Filing for adoption in any country that allowed a single woman to adopt, Theron serendipitously found that both her daughters were born in the United States and shared African American heritage. Theron emphasized the significance of embracing diverse family structures and challenging traditional norms, advocating passionately for the acceptance and celebration of single parents.
“Everything that I hoped would happen during my adoption process did happen because these two babies were meant to be in my life — and they’re my children.”

Addressing a more challenging aspect of her daughter Jackson’s experience, Theron opened up about the incorrect pronouns used in the media, detailing the emotional toll it took on her child. Expressing the profound hurt it caused, Theron underscored the importance of respecting privacy and allowing her daughter agency in sharing her story when and how she chooses.

Theron likes being a single mom.

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As the proud single mom of two, the star tries to instill in her daughters that they don’t need a romantic partner to find fulfillment. Reflecting on a 2020 podcast episode with Diane von Furstenberg, Charlize Theron shared a heartwarming moment when her daughter August suggested she needed a boyfriend. Theron smiled, telling August, “Actually, I don’t. Right now, I feel really good. I’m in a relationship with myself.”
Theron is determined to shape a new narrative for young girls, encouraging them to embrace the idea of being in a relationship with themselves. In a society that often imposes predefined norms, Theron aims to break the stereotype that not being in a relationship doesn’t equate to failure. Her inspiring goal is to raise a generation of young girls who recognize the beauty and strength of self-love and independence.

In essence, Charlize Theron’s odyssey into motherhood goes far beyond the glamorous façade of Hollywood. It symbolizes a profound commitment to breaking societal norms, advocating for family diversity, and fostering an environment where her daughters can navigate their identities with confidence, resilience, and an unyielding sense of pride.

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