Why Most Grandmas Give More Love to Their Grandkids Than to Their Own Children

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4 years ago

According to a study, grandkids who have a close emotional relationship with their grandmas are less likely to be depressed. Thankfully, grandmas tend to show a lot of love to their grandkids, sometimes even more than to their own children and there are reasons why this happens.

Bright Side investigated this and will now explain to you why a lot of grandmas give more love to their grandkids.

The older people are, the softer and more mature they get.

People usually become grandmas once they have lived a life full of choices, victories, and disappointments. So, with those life lessons learned, they tend to become softer, more mature, and more open to building a meaningful relationship with other people, starting with their grandkids.

Grandmas have different priorities.

When you are a grandmother your priorities change. Your kids are raised and you don’t need to go the extra mile to help them with their lives. You usually also have more time to spend your grandkids, since you are closer to retirement than when you were a parent or you may already be retired, and you use that time to teach your grandkids what you know.

As a grandma, you will try to capture their full attention when you are with them so they will remember you. For that to happen, you need to show them unconditional love.

Grandmas are not as critical as parents.

Usually it is easy for children to love their parents because they live with them and create a strong bond. However, parents can sometimes be very critical when it comes to their kids, which can make both sides frustrated.

Conversely, grandmas usually don’t ground their grandchildren for bad behavior, as much as they did with their kids. Grandmas are always trying to win their grandkid’s over and are known for “spoiling” them with love and things, rather than being a critical figure.

They can do for their grandkids what they couldn’t do for their kids.

When people become grandmas, they can do things with their grandkids that they never had the chance to do with their own kids. They can also analyze what they have done wrong emotionally with their kids and do better with this new generation. They can express their love for their grandkids without all the stress, responsibilities, and worries of being a parent.

The grandma role is less complicated and stressful.

Parents are usually responsible for providing their kids with basic needs and education, so grandmas don’t have that role anymore. Although, the grandma role is also important, they don’t have the same responsibilities as the parents. Their role is more focused on giving their grandkids emotional support and guidance.

Does your grandma show you unconditional love? Share your stories with us in the comments!

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Its much easier because you have experience under your belt. With kids, especially first one, it was trial & error.


"They can do for their grandkids what they couldn’t do for their kids." Exactly!!


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