Why the Bond Between Mother and Son Is So Important

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3 years ago

Many believe that in order to understand what kind of a person a man really is, all you need to do is look at how he treats his mother. There is indeed an immense influence a mother-son relationship has on his personality and life overall. Boys who are close with their mothers grow up into stable and happy people, who are so needed in our society.

We at Bright Side believe that a mother’s love can make any boy into a magnificent human being. Here’s how:

It helps them do better in school.

Researchers have found that nurturing has a direct impact on how a child’s brain develops. Specifically in the area that’s responsible for learning, memory, and stress responses. A mother that is attentive to her son from the very first days, already makes a significant impact on his performance at school. So the more care she gives to him, the more care he’ll apply when studying.

It keeps them out of trouble.

Another bit of research shows that a close relationship with a mom significantly lowers the risk of boys getting involved in high-risk behaviors. It’s based largely on the mother-son attachment. Creating a safe environment at home and being an important person in a male child’s life makes him want to sustain this relationship and stay away from anything that could tamper with it.

It promotes confidence.

A mother’s support is a strong force. We all need our personal cheerleaders in life, and for a boy having his mom as his #1 fan is a major confidence booster. If a boy feels secure around his mom, there is less of a chance of him acting up in the future. In addition, if he has his mom’s support, he will believe in himself and won’t be afraid to try new things.

It strengthens his social skills.

One study discovered that children who spend a lot of time with their mothers are 20-40% better at being social. The reason for that is that there is a stronger cognitive development that happens through doing activities together. A boy will have better verbal skills through communication with his mom. In addition, if a child is around their parent more, they can observe them and learn proper social interactions.

It eliminates destructive male stereotypes.

Several studies have found that mothers are more accepting of girl’s emotions than boy’s, which can eventually lead to psychological withdrawal. That is why a supportive mother should encourage her boy to express his emotions. She should explain that crying doesn’t make him look less manly and that it provides comfort when needed. As a result, the boy will grow up into an emotionally available man, who’s honest about his feelings, and doesn’t live according to gender stereotypes.

It promotes higher emotional intelligence.

Speaking of male stereotypes and being able to express feelings in a healthy way, boys with secure attachments to their mothers are less likely to develop behavioral problems, which could interfere with their emotional development. They know how to deal with interpersonal conflicts, as well as form connections with other people, which is useful in almost all areas of our life.

It softens the transition into adulthood.

Growing up can be a stressful experience. Many kids are afraid to leave the nest and pursue independence. Interestingly, research has shown that children who have a supportive household feel much more confident to go off on their own, because they know their parents will always be there for them. So while it can be tough for a momma to see her boy become a man, she can be confident that he will be okay, all thanks to her.

It builds a man who respects women.

It’s basically impossible to imagine that a man who loves and cares for his mother would treat other women badly. By being close to his mom, a boy learns how to communicate with females and learns about their psyche. If you’ve met men who are attentive to women and respect their needs, you can bet that they have a great relationship with their mother.

It lowers their risk for mental health issues.

Circling back to the mother-son attachment, it was also proven that it significantly strengthens a boy’s mental health. He learns to efficiently cope with issues and receives enough support to steer clear of depression and anxiety.

It helps boys become successful.

If we combine doing good in school, being confident, being mentally stable, and being sociable, we have a perfect recipe for a winner in life. And we’re not just talking about financial success, we’re talking about what’s most important: happiness. Any mother wants to see her boy happy, and her involvement in his life cannot be overestimated.

Do you have men in your life that appreciate how much their mothers affected them?


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