Winter Is Over but the World Can’t Stop Laughing at Britain About the “Snowfall”

4 years ago

People in England will remember this winter as a brutal time when they had to face unusually cold temperatures, nasty winds, and lots of snow. Most of England was shocked at the sudden onset of snow and shared their astonishment with the rest of the world online. But those who live in colder climates couldn’t stop making jokes comparing it to what they're used to dealing with every year.

We at Bright Side want to show some of these comparisons. Don’t worry, England – spring is on its way!

1. England: "The trees are covered with snow."

Russia: "Sort of..."

2. England: "Big snow – big jacket"

Canada: "Shorts will do."

3. England: "Look like it's going to be a white winter!"

Russia: "Nothing unusual about this."

4. England: "It's snowing, we must stock up on food!"

Canada: "It's snowing. Let's take advantage of it."

5. England: "Snow – my dog hates it."

Canada: "Snow – my dog loves it."

6. England: "We had so much snow. I made a snowman."

Russia: "Ta-da!"

7. England: "OMG! So much snow!"

Russia: "???"

8. England: "OMG! The whole front yard is covered!"

Finland: "Chill out..."

9. England: "So much snow on the roads!"

Norway: "Yeah, right..."

10. England: "Sorry, Boss, I might be late. I have to dig out my car first."

Canada: "Give me a sec."

11. England: "White Christmas! How romantic!"

Russia: "This is what WE call a White Christmas!"

12. England: "Snow means no food."

Canada: "Snow means another beer fridge."

13. England: "I'll be late. My car is covered with snow."

Russia: "Nothing to worry about. I'll be on time,"

14. England: "We have 20 in of snow."

Canada: "This is what our 20 in of snow looks like."

15. A snowman: English vs Russian

16. A snowman: English vs Canadian

17. England: "It's snowing, let's go skiing!"

Finland: "It's snowing, let's go swimming!"

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Preview photo credit notso454 / Imgur, nemotes / imgur


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