Women Who Kiss Often Tend to Lose Weight Faster, According to a Study

2 years ago

Just admit it, a great kiss is priceless. Researchers believe that kissing has many more benefits than just romantic pleasure and can pose many health advantages from keeping your skin in good condition to getting you in good shape.

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It helps you lose weight.

It burns calories. The study says that simple kisses burn only 2 to 3 calories, whereas passionate kissing consumes between 5 and 26 calories per minute. Okay, it might not seem like that much until you compare it to other activities. 30 minutes of passionate kissing could burn up to 180 calories, which is actually more than 30 minutes of walking at 3.5 mph, mowing the lawn, or washing the car. Kissing probably can’t replace burpees or a walk on the treadmill, but hey, it’s way more enjoyable.

It’s good for your skin.

We’ve been told many times that to stay fit, we need to exercise. Well, apparently when we kiss, we use more than 30 facial muscles that keep our cheeks tight and firm. So good kissing is like a Crossfit workout for your face.

It prevents wrinkles.

When we use muscles, they increase blood circulation and generate collagen in the tissues which are basically building material for skin and the best natural prevention against getting wrinkles. In other words, kissing is a micro-version of visiting a beauty salon. Well, it might be not enough to make us look younger, but it sure makes us look happier.

It’s good for stress relief.

Kissing naturally relaxes us. Research has proven that it increases levels of natural chemicals in our body like oxytocin, a natural calming agent along with endorphins, the chemical that makes us feel happy. It also lowers cortisol which is related to stress.

It keeps your teeth healthy.

Kissing is good for your teeth because it increases saliva production and naturally washes away bacteria, preventing the creation of acidic conditions. It is also believed that saliva can help to repair small damages in enamel.

What are your thoughts about this research? Do you like kissing?

Please note: This article was updated in January 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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