“You Are Already Loved Beyond Words,” Paris Hilton and Carter Reum Have Their First Child

At the time they were dating, Paris Hilton and her “twin flame,” Carter Reum, had been talking about married life and, of course, having kids. The couple finally announced the birth of their first child on Hilton’s Instagram on January 25, 2023. Let’s see how their journey to becoming parents has gone.

Paris Hilton and Carter Reum had been wanting to have a child since they met.

Allison Dinner/Associated Press/East News

Amidst her busy life, Paris Hilton had been planning to have her first child with Carter Reum. Hilton couldn’t wait for it, saying, “Nothing gets me more excited than becoming a mom in 2023.” Reum said that with her kindness, work ethic, authenticity, and voice in making the world a better place, he also wants the same thing with Hilton.

They had their first child via IVF.

The couple agreed to have the baby with the help of a surrogate. The 41-year-old TV star revealed that there were tons of embryos that were ready to be a part of the family and didn’t find any difficulties with the process. “It’s never been a struggle at all. We don’t talk about that [emotional aspect of IVF].”

Not only that, but Hilton also shared her thoughts for future mothers who choose the IVF route, by saying, “My advice is definitely to do IVF, and you’ll find the right person, but I wouldn’t just depend on that. I’m lucky I found my perfect half to do it with.”

They both initially desired twins and intend to have more children.

Invision/Invision/East News

Paris Hilton and Carter Reum welcomed a baby boy for their first child, and they received many congratulations when Paris announced it through an Instagram post with the beautiful caption, “You are already loved beyond words.” In the beginning, the couple wanted to have twins. “I think that would be amazing,” she said. It is also worth noting that they want to have 3 or 4 more children.

Whether it is a single baby or twins, having children is the most exciting gift a parent can get. Congratulations to the new, happy parents!

How do you (or did you) arrange to have children? Tell us more in the comment section!

Preview photo credit Allison Dinner/Associated Press/East News, parishilton / Instagram


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