“You Hung the Damn Moon!” Ryan Reynolds Leaves Fans Wondering with Unusual Tribute to Blake Lively

8 months ago

Renowned for his clever and playful exchanges on social media with his spouse, Blake Lively, the actor Ryan Reynolds celebrated her 36th birthday with a heartfelt message. In a collection of photos, his poignant words and shared reminiscences provided a glimpse into their profound bond. However, observant fans noticed a peculiar detail!

He conveyed the depth of his feelings for his wife.

In an Instagram post, Ryan Reynolds poured his heart out, writing, “The only thing irrevocably mine in the world is the love, appreciation, and awe I feel for this person.” The Deadpool star also added a touch of humor, saying, “Witnessing her life is something I couldn’t take for granted if I tried. And believe me, I try. Happy Birthday, @blakelively. You hung the damn moon.”

Ryan posted a sequence of sweet photos.

In addition to his heartfelt sentiments, the 46-year-old actor also treated his audience to a captivating array of images in a photo compilation. One of the shots depicts the couple savoring a romantic dinner by the beach, with Lively donning a striking sheer black lace outfit, radiating stunning elegance.

Fans noticed a major difference.

Ryan typically shares humorous and slightly awkward photos of Blake on her birthday, generating laughter from fans. For instance, he posted a picture of Blake with lettuce on her face last year.

However, in his most recent post, observant fans immediately noticed a significant shift in his approach. One fan commented, “What’s going on?? It’s actually a non-unhinged bday post!” Even Facebook’s official account joined the discussion, asking, “Did Blake pick the photos this year?”

The couple celebrated the arrival of their fourth child.

Following their marriage in 2012, the couple happily embraced parenthood with the arrival of their three adorable daughters: James (8), Inez (6), and Betty (3). Their family’s joy grew even more in February 2023 when Blake Lively revealed the quiet birth of their fourth child.

Currently, the couple hasn’t disclosed further details about their newest addition. Still, it’s worth noting that Blake has already regained her pre-pregnancy physique and is proudly flaunting her stunning figure!


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