Zac Efron Spends the Sweetest ’’Valentine’’ With His 3-Year-Old Sister

Despite being 32 years apart in age, Zac Efron has the closest bond with his little sister Olivia, and he chooses the most adorable ways to show it. And on Valentine’s Day, the heartthrob made it clear that his heart belongs to his little sis, and we can’t get enough of how sweet these 2 siblings are.

On the 14th of February, Efron shared a photo with his 58+ million Instagram followers, and everybody’s heart just melted.

The snap, which has already received more than 2 million likes in less than 24 hours, shows a shirtless Zac reading a children’s book to his sister while she snuggles up to him, tightly holding her stuffed animal with both hands. The 35-year-old accompanied the photo with the simple caption: ’’My valentine #happyvalentinesday’’

Efron’s fans gushed over the photo, and admirers left comments like, ’’Can you pls be the father of my children?’’ and ’’Will you hold me like this?’’ Another follower wondered, ’’How is this man not married yet?!’’

And Zac’s younger brother Dylan, 31, also commented on the photo of his 2 siblings, saying, ’’No, she’s mine.’’

This is not the first time Zac had shared an adorable snap of his little sis. Back in December, he celebrated her birthday by posting 2 photos that also showcase their sweet bond.

In the first photo, Olivia is looking up adoringly at her big brother. The second photo shows Zac holding his sister close to his chest while she smiles with her eyes closed.

Olivia is Zac’s half-sister, being the daughter of his father David Efron, and his second wife. The actor is also very close to his other sibling, Dylan, with whom he lived for some time.

Back in 2017, he noted about his younger brother ’’most of the time he is a good roommate. He’s my little brother. He looks after the house while I’m gone.’’ He added, ’’We’re cool like that. I trust him, he’s a good dude. I trust him with the house...’’

We love how attached Zac is to his family and the way he takes care of them makes us admire the star even more.


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