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13 Comics That Prove Kids Bring Both Happiness and Twitching Eyes

An artist, Marina Bistrova, has 2 kids who serve as the main sources of inspiration for her work. Looking at her comics, we involuntarily start to wonder how similar we are: our problems and joys seem to be the same. The main thing to keep in mind is to make sure we don’t get nervous ticks from all these small joys.

We at Bright Side love illustrations that humorously describe all the truth about life, and we’re sure that you will enjoy them too.

“Those who expect awareness and adult reactions from their kids are doomed to sorrow.”

Who else has the same story?

“I feel that no matter how much I try to encourage a positive life approach in myself, there will always be a little grumpy old lady living in the depths of my soul.”

What “me-time” with kids looks like

“Kids come to this world to make sure we adults don’t have any peace — the very peace that makes our brains become covered with mold.”

Everything is relative.

“No matter what, dads have a unique skill to save their energy. It’s not laziness but the rationalization of processes.”

“3 years of maternity leave without any right to amnesty”

“I’m thankful to nature for providing us with the necessity to wash our bodies. All because it provides a guaranteed personal bunker in the apartment.”

“I am literally dragged in different directions by 2 sources of endless requests: the older one and the younger one.”

“Today the joke that ’in my childhood, I would play with toys nailed to the floor’ no longer seems like a joke to me.”

“Blessed time for yourself! Blessed aloneness! How could I not appreciate you before giving birth to my kids?”

“Ah, those dead-end conversations!”

Do you have kids? Please share some funny stories about them with us!

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