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20 People Whose Baking Fails Made the Whole World Laugh So Hard They Cried

We bet that a lot of people think that the best cakes are made by our mothers and grandmothers, and those don’t need to be complicated. Just a simple cake with custard cream and crushed nuts sprinkled on it will do. However, sometimes home-baking fans want to try something sophisticated. Some try to recreate the masterpieces they found on the internet by themselves, others approach professional confectioners. In either case, the results might turn out to be unpredictable.

Everyone at Bright Side has a sweet tooth, but still, the way the cakes from this compilation look raised a lot of questions among all of us.

1. “I tried to make my niece an Ariel cake for her third birthday and it came out looking like a zombie.”

2. “My friend made a Danny DeVito cake for her friend. It’s worse in person.”

3. “I got this cake made at a pastry shop for my nephew, who is a fan of Spider-Man, and found this. Someone call an exorcist!”

4. Master Yoda, who has gone through a lot in his life

5. “Asked my mom for a Hulk cake. Nailed it!”

6. “We asked for a duck.”

7. “There was an attempt by my dad to make my brother a Patrick Star birthday cake.”

8. It looks pretty good if you don’t compare it to the original on the right.

9. If you look closer, you can see a nesting dragon on this cake.

10. “My mom made a lamb cake for Easter.”

11. “So a friend of my girlfriend made a cake for her daughter’s birthday party. One of the kids started crying because it was so ugly.”

12. It seems that Cinderella has received bad news and is now trying to cope with her emotions.

13. Another unicorn that it’s impossible to look at without crying

14. What happened to you, Superman?

15. “Every year for my birthday, my mom finds the dodgiest cake on the internet and recreates it for me.”

16. “Oh, man. My poor son. I hope he forgives me.”

17. “The first cake I’ve made in years... I may have been a bit ambitious.”

18. “It was supposed to be a palm tree with coconuts.”

19. “I tried to make this Jell-O Shot Cake that I found online for my 21st birthday...”

20. It’s R2-D2, in case you don’t recognize it.

Have you ever experienced a fiasco while trying to cook a gourmet dessert? Please share your stories and photos in the comments!

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