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15 Furniture Designs That Will Make You Feel Like You Live in Nature’s Lap

While choosing furniture, we want something that’ll turn our homes into a peaceful haven for relaxation. A table that looks like a bee spreading its wings, a pendant light that imitates birds hovering high in the sky — these are just a few examples of designs that can turn any apartment into an oasis.

We at Bright Side really love it when things are both practical and neat, and we invite you to take a look at pieces of furniture that are so perfect, they could put anyone on cloud 9.

1. The movement of beetle wings fired up this designer’s imagination.

2. This honeycomb table is meant for people who like simplicity and warm tones.

3. The design of this chair was inspired by a scorpion.

4. This table with a flow pattern and vivid colors

5. Woolen pillows that were made to look like pebbles

6. This table displays a view of the deepest water source in the world — the Mariana Trench.

7. A chair depicting a peacock’s tail and even its posture

8. A bird stool that is tiny and minimalistic

9. Pendant lights that imitate moonlight

10. This coffee table replicates ivy leaves and even has detailed leaf fibers.

11. Vases that accurately represent the flow of a water droplet

12. A 3-in-1 table, which is also a planter and a lamp

13. This lamp, that resembles flying birds

14. This mini-table called Sandsara has a sand painting installation under its tabletop.

15. These famous cabbage dishes by Dodie Thayer can turn any kitchen into a green heaven.

What is the interior piece in your home that you’re deeply in love with and would never agree to part with at any cost? We’d love to take a look at your gems!

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