15+ Hypnotizing Murals That Turned City Walls Into Pieces of Modern Art

A true artist can find inspiration in almost anything, and it’s not surprising that for many of them, a boring city wall can turn into a perfect canvas. Animals, flowers, people, and even products from the local supermarket — anything can become a part of the city’s history preserved on its walls. Some of these fantastic murals go even further and show curious pieces of local life, like a dog that likes to chill next to a building, or fishermen dragging a boat into the sea across the beach.

We at Bright Side couldn’t take our eyes off these 16 murals, and we admire the talent of the artists who created them and made plain walls amazingly beautiful.

1. “Locals in Puerto Rico painted this mural. They made sure to include the dog that chills there often.”

2. “A local pet store incorporated a camera dome into the mural on their building.”

3. “This artist painted a tree below the ivy climbing the wall.”

4. This mural looks like an old oil on canvas painting.

5. This hypnotizing mural looks like deep space and a knit item of clothing at the same time.

6. This supermarket made a mural as a substitute for a billboard.

7. If you take a closer look at this silo, you’ll see a touching mural in pastel colors.

8. And this silo is “wearing” a colorful bird on its walls.

9. Birds celebrating the beginning of a new day again.

10. “The people installing the mural are part of the mural.”

11. 2 fishermen dragging their boat into the sea

12. “This piece of street art spans across 5 buildings.”

13. This owl mural is giving off some Hogwarts vibes.

14. A perfect piece of street art for a library or a book store

15. Many people must stop to stare at this mural with eye-catching flowers and birds.

16. And this mural uses real plants for the girl’s hair.

What is the most beautiful or unusual piece of street art you’ve ever seen? Do you have a picture of it to show us in the comments?

Preview photo credit gemjammm/Reddit
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