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20 Times Designers Made Us Squeal With Delight

The future is here, and even ordinary everyday objects can now have the most unbelievable designs. A notepad that will gradually show you a temple in a secret garden as you tear off its sheets, a sleep mask that will “talk” to a flight attendant instead of you, or a water bottle with a map on it that shows you all the nearby places where you can get fresh water.

Here at Bright Side we’ve picked a collection of creative designs for you that add an unexpected twist to the objects we use every day.

1. This plate shows a Shinto shrine when you pour sauce on it.

2. “This shirt has a piece of lens cloth sewn into the inside for your glasses.”

3. You gradually see a temple and a garden as you use the sheets of this laser-cut notepad.

4. This package shows the picture of the person who packed it for you.

5. “These doughnuts are designed to look like the classic ones from The Simpsons.”

6. A mug that covers your mustache while you drink

7. A reusable collapsible coffee cup that is made from recycled plastic and even has a straw in it

8. This plane has rainbow colored lights in the isles that make the flight more enjoyable.

9. A bottle that has a map of the campus with all the water-filling stations marked on it.

10. The tablet in this car informs bystanders that your pet, who was left inside, feels just fine.

11. This sleeping mask will tell the flight attendant whether you want them to wake you up for a meal or not.

12. A smart bottle of pills tells you the last time you opened it to take your medications.

13. With the help of this gauge you will know how your fragile parcel was handled during delivery.

14. The patterns only appear on these umbrellas when it’s raining.

15. Some refrigerators are equipped with diagrams that vividly show the sounds you might hear while the refrigerator is working.

16. A sink that never splashes back and provides enough space for your hands

17. The inside of these jeans contains the Periodic Table of Elements.

18. “This furniture hardware is sorted by step rather than by type.”

19. This octopus puzzle has octopus shaped pieces.

20. This bike has minimalist pictures of The Simpsons family. Can you see them all?

Would you like to have any of these items? Can you share a picture of a cool design you’ve seen recently?

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