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A Table With a Built-In Trash Can That Devours All of Your Leftovers Will Turn Your Meal Time Into a Pleasant Feast

When it comes to enjoying some crawfish, it’s impossible to have just one. It’s always a giant feast with tables buried under piles of delicious food and the only downside is that it can get pretty messy. Luckily, there’s a table dedicated specifically to crawfish meals that takes care of any concerns that come along with eating them.

We at Bright Side care about your comfort and have prepared a discovery that’ll upgrade your summer food parties. We’ve also added several genius inventions at the end that’ll help you further perfect your camping game.

No-fuss outdoor dining with minimal cleanup is now a reality.

This handy table comes with a built-in barrel top that fits a 55-gallon trash can right in the middle of it for the seamless disposal of shells and any other waste that comes along with eating crawfish.

The table is weather-proof and made of a durable ABS plastic material. It provides enough space for 8 people to sit and eat at one time. If you choose to stand, then your party can have as many people as you want (just make sure you have plenty of food to go around!).

Aside from allowing you to easily get rid of pesky shells, this table is also a breeze to clean. You can just hose down the tabletop and it’ll be as good as new.

Extra holders help to keep your hands free and stomachs full.

One of the best parts about the table is that it comes with several built-in holders to take care of your additional dining essentials. It features 2 paper towel holders, 4 drink holders, and 4 condiment holders so that you can enjoy your meal without having to hold extra things.

It’s truly the little details that make such a seemingly simple product so practical. Summer cookouts just became way more exciting!

Bonus: Other handy inventions to take your outdoor experience to the next level.

1. The Voyager chair, to keep everything you might need at the beach on hand

2. Campfire barbecue table, for cooking without getting up from your chair

3. Inflatable floating table for a water picnic

4. Unicorn arch sprinkler, to cool off and have fun on a hot day

Which of these inventions would be a real lifesaver for you? Share any other helpful outdoor equipment that you love in the comments!

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