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This Designer Makes Unbelievably Pointless Products We Actually Want to Buy

Muffle your munching, count your steps without walking, measure things with other things’ sizes, and make sure no smoke will trigger your smoke detector while you cook — you know, normal everyday stuff. Designers will design, but Matty Benedetto has taken this to a whole new level. He made it his mission to design, prototype, and sell inventions that solve problems we didn’t even know we had.

We at Bright Side love creators, so we’ve collected 21 of Benedetto’s designs that could be useful but are mostly plain fun.

1. Blinds for sunglasses

Ever considered that when the sun is too strong for the eyes, it can also be too strong for the lenses of your sunglasses? Designer Matty Benedetto did. And having blinds specifically designed to cover the lenses will make them last longer, while also killing it with style.

2. A phone case that helps block the new “shop” and “reels” tab on Instagram

It’s red, it’s handy, it’s practical, and covers part of your phone screen so you can easily resist any temptation. It even displays a charming forbidden signal that won’t be a bit in the way in case you’re trying to do anything else on your phone.

3. The smoke deflector

This smoke deflector has a built-in fan that keeps the smoke away. So if you’re into toasting and roasting your food, or just love charred goodies but the fire detector keeps going off, this is the product for you.

4. “One sec, let me grab my laptop.”

The Grip Book Pro is a hand replica device that is designed to grab your computer just like a real hand. However, it has a gold chain, making it a luxurious carrying device you can wear on your shoulder.

5. The mirror selfie system

Achieve amazing mirror selfies in places you have only dreamed about with this special smartphone case that brings a mirror with it.

6. The Munch Muffler

This is a compact white noise device to silence loud eaters. This is especially handy for those who can’t seem to eat with their mouths closed.

7. The concert cam cap

Here’s an amazing device that allows you to record any concert without making your arms tired.

8. The air tag socks that ensure no other socks get lost

If you’ve ever worried about your stocks getting stolen (or lost), utilizing Apple’s AirTag technology integrated into your socks is the answer.

9. The swing stepper counts your steps, even when you’re sleeping.

This robotic swinging arm lets you count all the steps you take while attempting to reach your fitness goals, with the advantage of doing anything else you want during that time.

10. These sunglasses that only stay on your face with AirPods

These sunglasses feature specialized arms to integrate with AirPods so that you can listen to some great tunes whiles blocking out the sun this summer.

11. The never soggy bowl

Take your time with your cereal, with the assurance it will never get soggy. This bowl allows for just the right amount of cereal when you need it.

12. The Farmer-B-Gone to even out tan lines

UV blocking fabric gloves get rid of unwanted T-shirt tan lines. It’s probably one of the most desired inventions of all.

13. The digits comb is a finger comb.

The silicone fingers comb is great for whenever you just don’t feel like running your own fingers through your hair but your hair needs that styling only fingers can do.

14. The sock no more

There’s no longer a need to bend over to take off your socks. This device features 2 velcro platforms to effortlessly grip and rip off any socks, completely hands-free.

15. This vague ruler that roughly lets us know how big something is

Measure things by comparing them to the sizes of other things. Sometimes close enough is good enough.

16. The social scrolling case

This is a scrolling device that spares the fingers while scrolling around infinitely through any social media apps. Goodbye cramped thumbs!

17. “Bread on the go with the baguette pack”

This backpack is specially designed to carry baguettes anywhere, safe and protected.

18. The iCooker collection

Cook a meal right on your hot laptop charger with this line of pots and pans specially designed for that purpose. Scrambled eggs, fried rice, or a little midday snack — your imagination is the limit.

19. The shoe-brella

These tiny little umbrellas protect those special shoes from the rain.

20. The solo stash pants

Because one giant pocket that stretches around you allows you to carry more, even the bigger stuff.

21. A shutter for Zoom meetings

This is because sometimes a bit of privacy can be an important requirement during a Zoom meeting.

Would you actually like to have one of these? Which one? Do any of these inventions actually seem helpful?

Preview photo credit rightcoastguy / Reddit
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