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15 Animals That Were Destined to Be Adopted By Their Owners

Our life is full of chance encounters, and sometimes we have no idea that great happiness is just around the corner.

Bright Side gathered 15 stories from people who found their pets by chance and now they can’t imagine their life without them. In the end, you’ll find a story that proves that the inability to choose isn’t necessarily a drawback.

15. “A few weeks ago, I went to the animal shelter and rescued this beautiful boy instead of getting a Corgi from a breeder. I couldn’t be happier with my decision.”

14. “I went to the animal shelter. They got in the car. Now we live together.”

13. “My boyfriend and I went to Florida for a family funeral. We found this guy at his Grandma’s house. Guess who got themselves a new dog...”

12. “I went to volunteer at the animal shelter and this little guy wouldn’t leave me alone, so I brought him home.”

11. “I started volunteering at the animal shelter and went from one dog to 3. Now I guess I need a new bed for myself.”

10. “I went to buy new shoes. Got him, as well.”

9. “We accidentally adopted another one.”

8. “We went to get some food for our dog. This little girl met us outside and it was love at first sight. So now we have one more pet.”

7. “I heard this baby crying outside. She was wearing a collar but I couldn’t find her owners anywhere. Now she lives with me and wears a bell so she won’t get lost again.”

6. “I went to an animal shelter to look at dogs and saw these sad eyes looking at me. I came home with an unexpected friend.”

5. “My girlfriend and I have a black kitten with one eye. Last weekend we saw another black kitten at the animal shelter who looked exactly like him, only he was missing the other eye. We adopted him right away.”

4. “Look what accidentally followed me home from the animal shelter...”

3. “My friend went to the animal shelter to look at cats. She said she was just going to look...”

2. “When my dog passed away, the whole family was sure we would only get a black and curly dog. 4 years later, we got him...”

1. “I went to a pet shop to buy a fish. This is Fish.”

Bonus: If you can’t pick one dog, just buy the whole animal shelter.

That’s what Danielle Eden did. When she visited one animal shelter, she was shocked because all of the dogs lived in poor conditions and required medical attention. The woman couldn’t choose just one dog and decided to rescue them all. She bought the whole shelter with 250 dogs.

Danielle is one of the founders of the animal rescue center Dog Tales in Ontario, Canada. She always tried to rescue animals from all over the world, so her relatives weren’t surprised with her idea. Dogs were transported from Israel to Canada, so dozens of pets have already begun a new life.

Did you meet your pet by chance? Or was it a planned event? Share in the comments!

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