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15 People Who Wisely Use Every Inch of Their Home

Everyone has experienced having plenty of space in their home yet not having anywhere to put all their belongings. The people featured in our article have found a way out of this conundrum: they’ve decided to organize everything so that not a single inch of their free space remains empty. And for that, they used various hooks, suction cup containers, and even handmade shelves.

Bright Side is amazed at people who manage to use every inch of their home effectively and make it even cozier.

“My jungle bathroom is finally finished — I tried to use up every free corner.”

“How I use wasted space in my pantry”

“I have a big collection of nail polish so I organized them by brand using spice racks which I screwed onto the inside of my closet.”

“I built a pull-out medicine cupboard in the wasted space behind the shower and over the toilet.”

“There was a little free space next to the stove in our small kitchen. In order to use it wisely, I built a kitchen rack for spices.”

“I made built-in bunk beds. It’s the first time I did something like this.”

You can clear out your pantry by putting spices into magnet boxes that can be placed on the fridge.

“I’m so happy to finally have a semi-organized space for my instruments!”

“I bought a pack of clamps and command-stripped the back of my linen closet door.”

“The drawer in my kitchen is too narrow and long but I found a way to fit cutlery into it.”

“I’ve never been so excited to cook now that I can see all my spices! My dad made this spice rack for my birthday and I love it!”

“This is how I’m using the ladder that used to belong to my grandfather. This wonderful thing reminds me of him every day.”

“I have a tiny bathroom and here’s how I managed to organize all my stuff in it with the help of hooks and suction cup containers.”

“Challenged myself to prove not all cozy places require money. Here’s my ’boxroom.’”

“I assembled a bed/dresser/fort out of 3 types of furniture from IKEA.”

How do you use free space in your home? Do you have space-saving solutions that you can share with us?

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