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6 Things You Should Never Flush

Even if you are lucky enough to have a good sewage system and are thinking about disposing of your garbage there, we want to warn you that it's a really bad idea.

Bright Side shares a list of the most popular items which can ruin your sewer. So you'd better use a regular garbage bin for them.

6. Cat litter

Silica gel, mineral, or scoopable cat litter does not dissolve in water, and this is why it is prohibited to wash it away into a sewer. Clay litters, when wet, make big chunks which can easily block your pipes.

5. Coffee grounds

They can easily accumulate inside the pipes and increase the chance of a blockage.

4. Wet wipes

They can block your sewage system. As a result, you will have to clean it every 3 months.

3. Diapers

The gel inside diapers cannot be dissolved. On the contrary, it swells when wet. Thus, it blocks the pipes.

2. Q-tips

They stick together in the pipe curves and can collect other minor garbage, such as hair, thus creating a blockage.

1. Oils and lubricants

Cooking oils should never be washed away down the drain. The oil cools down in water and turns into chunks, which will cause a blockage.

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