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A Photographer Dressed Up Newborns as the Cast of “Friends,” and True Fans Will Love the Little Details

It’s been almost 26 years since the first episode of Friends was released, but it’s still as popular as ever. Everybody knows and loves the amusing gang and with that in mind, Mandy Penn, a photographer from Colorado, had the idea of uniting the iconic symbols from the show with newborn babies, designing the perfect photoshoot for die-hard fans.

Bright Side thinks it’s time for you to go “on a break” from whatever is stressing you out today and focus on these adorable babies dressed up as our favorite characters from the most beloved TV show of all time.

1. The one where they’re all together

2. Could little Chandler BE any more adorable?

3. I KNOW! What a nice arrangement of props. Monica would be proud.

4. What a charming paleontologist in the making!

5. The Central Perk apron and cup make Rachel instantly recognizable.

6. This tiny Joey stole our hearts without any pick-up lines.

7. She probably fell asleep while playing “Smelly Cat” on her miniature guitar.

8. Lobsters stay together for life.

9. The iconic costumes from the “Holiday Armadillo” episode

10. The one with lovely miniature brides

If you want to check out more of Mandy’s work, visit her website or her Pinterest page.

Did you notice any awesome details? Which one was your favorite baby character?