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10 Precious Lessons a Dad Can Teach His Little Girl

Parenting is tough and if you’re a father of a girl, you may often face things you don’t know how to handle. And if choosing a proper dress for a doll is not your strong point, there are many more important things you can teach your daughter to make her life happier. High self-esteem, confidence, dignity, and respect for herself and others are just a few things your daughter may learn from her loving father.

Here at Bright Side, we’d like to share 10 important things that fathers can teach their daughters while they’re still little girls.

1. She’s pretty.

We live in a world where appearances matter, and it often makes both kids and adults feel insecure. Statements of approval that come from people close to them, especially a father, will help a girl become more confident. Telling her how gorgeous she looks in her new dress or how nicely she has combed her hair adds a building block to your daughter’s self-esteem. Don’t forget to tell your little girl that beauty is not only what we see: there’s beauty inside all of us and we need to look for it in each other.

2. She matters.

Stay interested in what your little girl reads, plays, and learns at school, and tell her what happens in your life. Don’t miss a chance to visit her at important events, be it a sports game or a musical concert — your daughter needs you to be there to witness her great achievements. Psychologists believe that daughters who have involved fathers that are sincerely interested in their hobbies and studies become more successful as adults.

3. She’s loved, and this love is unconditional.

Let her know that you love her no matter what. She may stumble and do the wrong things which may disappoint you, but your love should remain unchanged. Experts believe that girls who didn’t have an involved father who showed enough love and support are more likely to seek out male approval later in life. They may feel insecure and have doubts about if what they’re doing is enough and may have a fear of losing their partner. This can result in them becoming highly suspicious of or dependent on their husbands or boyfriends.

4. She can do anything.

Help your daughter realize that there are no “boy things” or “girl things” and help her believe she can do anything if she wants to without being dependent on someone else. As a father, you can teach her to fix a leaking tap or change a tire when she’s old enough. By doing this, you’ll boost her confidence and self-esteem which can help your daughter to solve problems at school, at work or in her personal life later on.

5. She’s an independent girl.

Fathers often want to shield their little princesses from the struggles of the big, cruel world but this isn’t always good. A better option would be to let your daughter know that she can always rely on you but is still responsible for her own choices and mistakes. Teaching her to take responsibility for her life and to recognize the consequences of her actions will help her become a happy and independent adult.

6. She deserves the best.

This simple truth will help your daughter in her adult life and she won’t have to compromise and settle for a bad job or a bad relationship just because she doubts that she deserves more. Show her with your own behavior what it means to have a good family, to love the job you’re doing, and to be with someone who loves and respects you.

7. She has the right to say no.

Teach your daughter to protect her personal boundaries, both physical and mental. Explain to her that saying “no” is totally alright when it comes to protecting her safety and comfort. To teach your child to say “no” and to protect themselves, psychologists recommend asking them if it’s alright to do this or if it affects their privacy, like showing signs of affection or posting their pictures on social media, for example.

8. She must be proud of herself.

Praising your daughter all the time with plain phrases like, “Good job!” or “Good girl!” will slowly make them meaningless. Instead, support your daughter by praising her specific accomplishments and encouraging her to be proud of her own achievements. If your daughter finds her inner source of approval, she won’t be dependent on other people’s opinions that much when she grows up.

9. Failing is totally alright.

It’s good if you teach your daughter to aim high and to put all her effort into the things she’s doing, but it’s also important to help her understand that sometimes we all fail and it’s normal. Set a good example and show your daughter how you cope with failures as a grown-up and explain to her that when we fail we don’t get smashed by our failures. Instead, we analyze, make conclusions, and keep on trying.

10. Men and women should respect each other.

This is the lesson children learn from both their mom and dad. When your daughter sees that her parents can solve any problem with a peaceful discussion, she learns the right pattern of a man-woman interaction. Treat other women the way you want your daughter to be treated, avoid sexist jokes and remarks, and take care of what and how you talk about your female colleagues, friends, and relatives. Your little girl is listening to you and you’re a role model of a man to her, so make sure this model is good.

What precious lessons has your dad taught you? What important things do you teach your kids?

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