11 Narcissistic Traits of Mothers Who Don’t Even Know They’re Ruining Their Kids’ Lives

Narcissism is a phenomenon where a person with low self-esteem is afraid to lose authority in other people’s eyes and they start manipulating their friends, colleagues, and family to look better than they really are. These people are not afraid of doing anything to achieve their big career goals, they are abusive in personal relationships, and they harm their loved ones.

We at Bright Side decided to imagine what it’s like when your beloved mom is like that.

Narcissistic mothers won’t let their kids’ successes overshadow their own.

She’s only worried about her own problems.

These mothers humiliate their children.

She makes kids feel guilty for getting something.

She thinks she always deserves the best.

Her love is unstable. When she needs something, she’s kind. When she doesn’t, she’s rude.

She cares too much about how other people see her.

She complains about people that do something against her will.

Narcissistic mothers are jealous of their daughters’ beauty. And they pretend to be caring.

She criticizes a lot but almost never gives praise.

They’re angry if someone else is in the spotlight.

Have you ever had to deal with narcissistic people? How did you behave? Tell us about your experience.

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