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13 Photos Showing Why Dads Are Our First Idols in Life

Being a dad is a 24/7 job with no breaks during the week. From the beginning, the bond created between father and child is a special and unbreakable connection that is nurtured over time. The process of discovering and growing with our children strengthens this bond. And behind all the learning about being a parent, there is also a path that is full of surprises and high doses of fun.

We at Bright Side love how a father can show his love to his children in a unique way. We believe that a father would do anything for his children. And here we have some evidence that shows us why our dads are our heroes.

1. “Every time I try to pull my hand away she squeezes harder.”

2. “Anyone else feeling fabulous thanks to a kiddo?”

3. “5-year-old was distraught that his favorite yogurt stopped having a picture of the fruit on top. So I fixed it.”

4. “Accidentally took one of those girl leads boy pictures.”

5. “Extremely sleep deprived selfie from week 1. She sleeps good now.”

6. Every vacation, this guy takes pictures of his son being thrown in the air and then photoshops himself as his savior in different funny poses.

7. “For Father’s Day, I am being gifted some sick new ink!”

8. Same vibe father and son.

9. “Such a proud day! She’s been so confident inside, but first proper outside walk, holding Daddy’s hand!”

10. “I was finally brave enough to try and do my daughter’s hair.”

11. “Took my daughter to see the live Frozen show. She insisted we stay to see the cast leaving. It’s 10:20 PM and we’re still waiting.”

12. “My cuddle buddy”

13. “My son and I, sharing a moment.”

Who was your first idol in life? Share with us in the comments!

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