15 Babies Who Were Probably Born With Old People Souls

When adults enter their senior years, they start manifesting signs similar to those of little kids. However, we would have never expected this to happen the other way. Some babies have a case of the grumps, and others, a case of the “gramps.” Their expressive faces show wisdom way beyond their months. Their parents know that they’re still endearing in their own particular way, so they decided to show pics of their children to the world.

Bright Side celebrates this uniqueness and has gathered a collection of the top grouchy baby pics shared by users.

1. “My newborn daughter, looking like someone just snatched her handbag”

2. “He’s trying to read the crossword clues without his reading glasses.”

3. “My son, giving me advice the day he was born”

4. “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed...”

5. Handsome fella

6. “Point taken!”

7. “He was pretty mad we took him for a walk instead of letting him watch Matlock.”

8. “Check these eyebrows: Jack Nicholson’s got nothing on me!”

9. “Looking to get your taxes prepared? I know a guy!”

10. This is MY missus and you can’t have her!

11. “Do not disturb: deep in thought...”

12. “Are you talking to me, boy?”

13. “Get him off of me!”

14. “Really!? Milk again? I’m getting tired of this buffet...”

15. “I don’t approve of this, lady.”

Do you have any pics that would fit perfectly in this collection? What did you or your baby look like as a newborn? Feel free to also share hilarious stories in the comments.

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Preview photo credit mediumclay / reddit
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