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15 Photos That Prove Family Is a Tough Business

Face it, everyone has thought about starting a family and having kids. And parenting is a real feat: kids love to get into trouble, scream, puke, throw things, and even draw on your laptop. So you need to stay alert 24/7 to make sure that they’re safe... And to take hilarious photos of them.

Bright Side chose 15 photos that will show you that being a family person isn’t any easier than being a business person.

1. Exactly.

2. Kids are a joy, they said.

3. It seems that these kids don’t like bunnies.

4. Foam party in da house.

5. “Do you remember the day when we first met?”

6. All my feelings in one photo.

7. “Mommy, I bought a horse. Now, she lives with us.”

8. Cuckoo!

9. Is this a new face mask that can calm your child?

10. Now it looks like a sandbox...

11. “Mommy, I can’t find my LEGOs.”

12. It was probably a brilliant book...

13. He couldn’t wait any longer.

14. “Don’t tell mommy’s secrets.”

15. “This is what happens when the wife wants 5 minutes alone.”

Do you have awkward photos of your family? You can add them to this collection in the comments below!

Preview photo credit youandmeandrainbows / Imgur
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