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15 Photos That Show Us the Raw Reality of Parenthood

Anyone who spends time with kids understands that when they are unusually quiet, it almost always means that they’re up to something. And every parent is aware that raising children is an adventure every day. And here, we discovered some images that depict the challenges parents have to face every single day of their lives.

1. Model on the catwalk, mommy backstage

2. “I bring home a dozen on weekends, wake up to an empty box. I’ve decided to stake a claim.”

It says: “THESE 2 ARE MINE.”

3. “This is how I found my kids’ toothbrushes.”

4. “Tell me you have a 3-year-old without telling me you have a 3-year-old.”

5. “That smirking face! So proud of her work.”

6. You never know what your kid will do next.

7. “He was convinced I would never find him...”

8. “First thing he does...”

9. “When your kids put the dishes away...”

10. “My kid drew a mustache on the grandbaby. She looks like Snidely Whiplash.”

11. “This keeps happening to her.”

12. “The 4-year-old made this while I slept. ’I’m not hungry anymore.’”

13. “He’s mad that I won’t let him jump off the balcony.”

14. “I let my 6-year-old choose the shower curtain.”

15. “Not a single match...”

How about you? What is parenthood like for you?

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