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15 Pics Proving That Kids Live in an Upside Down Universe

90% percent of the human brain’s structure takes shape until the age of 5. For that reason, the first couple of years of a kid’s life are crucial. They are like a wonderful adventure filled with exploration, wonder, and a little bit of creative madness (as it should be). Today we have gathered some pictures that prove kids’ imagination is an unstoppable force, ready to make your jaw drop.

We at Bright Side want to show you 15 pictures that’ll remind you kids live in a parallel universe that is much brighter and cooler than ours.

1. “My special needs daughter’s face when she met Cinderella!”

2. “Just found this old picture of me as a kid and everything about it is perfect.”

3. “When you’re working from home and your daughter tells you she wants to build a robot... you build a robot!”

4. “My friend makes his kids practice writing over their summer break. He found this in his son’s journal.”

5. “My daughter and I discovered there are just enough blocks in her new Lego set to reach the ceiling.”

6. “Bring your child to work day”

7. “My kid’s attempt at creative writing”

8. “My son enjoying his Christmas pictures”

9. “Took my daughter to work. She found this mask in a prop drawer. Not much work was done that day.”

10. “My kid is ready for the Met Gala...”

11. “I promised my daughter a chocolate cake if she used the potty all by herself. I had to pay up.”

12. “My 2 year old just ’delivered’ half his toys and books to ’Father Christmas who lives in the toilet’.”

13. “My daughter using our beagle as a leg rest”

14. “My son wanted to be ‘Bob Zombie’ for Halloween. I obliged.”

15. “A note I wrote to my mom when she told me to stop asking questions and go to bed.”

Tell us the most amusing kid story you have. Could be with your own kid, brother, cousin, or a story from your own childhood.

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