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15+ Pics That Prove Family Is a Treasure Box Full of Cool Stories

There’s a family who is called “the Rapunzel family,” and it’s because all members of it share a very intricate feature. All women in the family, including the mother, have hair so long that it touches the ground. Our article is not about long-haired people, though, but it’s photographic proof that each and every family is unique and has its very own story to boast about.

Here at Bright Side, we’d love for you to take a look at some gems from people’s family albums. Some of them may seem hilarious, and some will seriously make you scratch your head. But we’re sure that none of these 17 photos will leave you indifferent.

1. “I finally did a 6 strand braid! I feel like I leveled up to superdad after this one.”

2. “My parents at their wedding. My mother chose to wear a red dress as an act of defiance because she was pregnant.”

3. “My mom commissioned someone to make these outfits for a family wedding. We’re boys btw.”

4. “I stuck erasers all over my face, which left red welts everywhere.”

“Mom had to send me to school with a note saying that I didn’t have measles.”

5. “My wife was an 89-year-old 6-year-old.”

6. “My grandparents: 50 years apart, still absolutely smitten with each other.”

7. “Taken 18 years apart, 1995 Mom (left) and 2013 me (right)”

8. “I wore my fiancé’s grandma’s wedding dresses.”

9. “My mother and I at the same age, taken exactly 30 years apart. There’s really only one major difference.”

10. “Taken 40 years apart and my grandfather has aged better than me.”

11. “My grandparents’ wedding photo. My heartbroken grandma once ripped it apart after a fight.”

“They are still married and just had their 60th anniversary.”

12. “My grandma (80 yo) recently remarried (a 90 yo). Now they play their pianos side by side.”

13. “Sister and I. The strawberry cake recipe is my mom’s, and it’s over 60 years old!”

14. “My sister and I were born 27 years apart. Here we are celebrating our beautiful mother.”

15. “83 years difference in age, both using the same cane to help them stand.”

16. “Grandpa told my grandma he had some money hidden in a sock right before he passed away. This is what she found in the ’sock.’”

17. “For some reason, I thought traveling with my 85-year-old grandma wouldn’t be fun. I’m glad I was wrong!”

What is your family story that you think could even be filmed? Which of the photos in your family album is your favorite of all time?

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