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17 Babies Who Came Into This World to Stand Out From the Crowd

During the 9 months of pregnancy, parents often think about what their baby will look like. They imagine an angelic baby, rosy-cheeked and wrapped in a blanket. They look forward to holding their child in their arms and gazing at its little face. But sometimes, when mom and dad see their little one for the first time, they realize that not everything is as expected.

1. “My daughter was born with hobbit feet.”

2. “My baby’s hairy ears.”

3. “My babes’ hairline is truly something.”

4. Anyone would envy the long eyelashes of this little one.

5. “My little girl has the funniest/cutest facial expressions.”

6. “My friend’s baby’s bread arms”

7. “How I imagine my baby’s feet”

8. “Troll hair, don’t care!”

9. “My daughter does not need words. She has a face to communicate with.”

10. “24 hours to now, almost 9 months. Waiting for her hair to grow!”

11. “My baby’s eyes are out of this world.”

12. “My niece’s adult teeth are coming in before the baby ones have fallen out... resulting in shark teeth.”

13. “My baby’s belly button looks like a butt.”

14. “He woke up and stared like this for a whole minute. I think he was having flashbacks.”

15. A photographic expression

16. “Check out my 1-month-old daughter’s mega cheeks.”

17. “My son was born with an ’extra’ finger.”

What’s your favorite photo from when you were a baby? Do you have children, nieces, nephews, or grandchildren with a unique feature you’d like to show the world? If so, feel free to share your photos with us.

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