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20+ Situations That Prove You Will Never Get Bored If You Have a Kid

A toddler who decorated his grandma’s Christmas tree as far as he could reach, a little girl who was asked to feed the ducks but ate all bread herself. These are just a few examples of how kids fill our lives with smiles and laughter and how they do not let their parents and relatives get bored even for a minute.

We at Bright Side invite you to take a look at how these little rascals make the life of the whole family look like a sit-com, and hope these stories will put a smile on your face too.

1. “Being a father of 4 is so much fun!”

2. “So I bought my daughter a gaming chair...”

3. “Our house has 10 rooms.”

4. “My kid during his birthday safari”

5. “We took our kiddo to the park to feed the ducks. We succeeded in feeding our kid.”

6. “My son dressed himself for a classmate’s birthday party.”

7. “I think the babies are plotting something.”

8. “My niece woke up before anyone else.”

9. “My daughter walks away from the playground like a total badass.”

10. “My daughter every time she sees a banana”

11. “She insisted it was an apple.”

12. “My 2-year-old gave up on her walk this morning.”

13. “My daughter was chasing my son around with a lightsaber and got a little too into it.”

14. “My 5-year-old stole my wife’s wallet the other day. Today she got pulled over, and this was all she had for ID...”

15. “I surprised my son today with a brand new car.”

16. “Found my daughter like this after a nap.”

17. “How my daughter made use of her diaper cream when I left her alone for 30 seconds.”

18. “My niece decided to do her own makeup today.”

19. “She was playing on the slide when I saw this.”

20. “My niece discovered the cat door today.”

21. “My toddler decorated my mother-in-law’s tree.”

What is the funniest episode in your kid’s life that made you cry with laughter? Share the photos of their funny faces in the comments.

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