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21 Times People Found Out Why Genetics Are Fun

We might be staring back at ourselves in the mirror when we look at a parent or a close relative. We can resemble each other like 2 peas in a pod, with the exact distinctive smile or even the same mark on the exact same part of the body. What’s interesting is that we’ll get so used to seeing our look-alike all the time, we might not even notice the resemblance. Or we may even forget about it until we open our family photo album.

Bright Side is fascinated by the power of heredity. We will share some photos of people who have hung copies of themselves on their genealogy tree.

1. ’’My mom gave birth to me 39 years ago. And my sister gave birth to my niece yesterday.’’

2. ’’I didn’t realize I gave birth to my grandpa until today.’’

3. ’’My dad and me, reconnecting after 40 years’’

4. ’’My grandma at 17, and me at 26’’

5. ’’My great-grandad and his grandad who he was named after’’

6. ’’My mom and I have the same spot on the same finger on the same hand.’’

7. ’’I never got to meet my grandmother, but I was always told we look alike.’’

8. ’’Me at age 30 vs my dad at age 14’’

9. ’’My great-grandfather at age 29 in the year 1895, and me at age 32 today’’

10. ’’My dad and my son have a mole on the same exact place on their right temple.’’

11. ’’My birth mom and me’’

12. ’’Genes are strong in my family. This is a picture of my dad and me."

13. ’’My 4 times great-grandmother and me side by side’’

14. ’’My husband didn’t believe that he looked like his sister until he tried the Snapchat filter.’’

15. ’’My son and my dad at age 2 — my dad’s photo was taken in the early ’30s and my son’s, in 2014.’’

16. ’’Here’s my grandmother at 13 and me at 17. It’s weird to know exactly what you’ll look like when you’re 80.’’

17. ’’As I get older, I realize I am slowly becoming my dad.’’

18. ’’My brother is 7 years older than me. I’ve never realized how much we look alike until now.’’

19. ’’I did a face swap of my wife and her sister. Can’t really tell.’’

20. ’’My sister, my cousin, and I all have the same weird smile, I never noticed until this photo.’’

21. ’’My son doesn’t think we look alike.’’

Do you look exactly like someone in your family? Do you think that personality traits or facial features are more often transmitted by genes?

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