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A Mom Shows Her Life in Ironic Illustrations, and Many Parents Can Recognize Themselves in Them

Motherhood can be a great mix of happiness and plenty of frustration. For moms, even a peaceful evening walk can turn into a tense activity, like if you suddenly have to remove sand from your baby’s mouth. But all these moments are worth remembering. A Norwegian mom named Jade Nordahl does so by turning days with her baby, Abel, and her dog, Abbey, into amusing illustrations.

Looking at things from a positive perspective takes great talent, and we at Bright Side admire this ability in people. And this time, we can’t wait to show you this artist’s illustrations that perfectly sum up what it’s like to be a parent. A good laugh is guaranteed.

1. Everything becomes the baby’s territory, and you can’t argue with that.

2. No place will be left unnoticed.

3. Nope, no exceptions!

4. Going for a walk turns into bringing half the street back home.

5. Sometimes you just need a guilty pleasure and you don’t even feel sorry about it!

6. Playtime is a non-stop activity, no matter the place.

7. You’d never imagine they could stretch like this...

8. Everything around becomes a tasty treat for your baby.

9. Literally, even the weirdest things...

10. But not what Mommy has prepared!

11. Actually, sometimes curiosity wins and this is what happens as a result.

12. Sometimes you can’t resist and release your inner child too.

13. Being a mom means you can react faster than The Flash.

14. And you have biceps worthy of Superman.

15. But even this is sometimes not enough for a playful baby.

16. That one moment you weren’t paying attention

17. They seem to never run out of energy.

18. Seriously, babies are super-humans!

19. There’s one place where you can rarely get some peace.

20. But these 10 minutes of silence come with a price.

21. And this price can be rather expensive.

22. When you thought you could get some sweet sleep in the morning:

23. But a nice cup of coffee has always got your back.

24. However, its effect won’t last too long.

25. Getting a treat becomes a challenge.

26. But not as challenging as trying to stay clean!

27. Or keeping track of your hair growth...

28. And even though you sometimes feel completely worn out...

29. You know that you’ll miss all these moments one day!

Do you have your own amusing parenting moments that you can share with us?

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