This McDonald’s Ad Reminds Us That Even Big Kids Need to Let Their Inner Child Shine This Christmas

McDonald’s UK stunned everyone with a gorgeous animated ad that will make a lot of people think — especially parents of big kids who no longer share the same excitement that they used to. The video shows the life of a mother, trying to rekindle the Christmas spirit, and her grown-up son, who has forgotten the magic of the holiday.

Bright Side urges you to watch the full video below so that you can see if she was successful or not.

Christmas is more than just a holiday, it’s the best time for family bonding. Some of us can recognize ourselves in the video, being the excited parent who still loves Christmas and wants to make it special for their own children. However, there are many kids who have grown up a bit and no longer get excited about the holiday. But you can find a new source of inspiration to hopefully bring some of that holiday spirit back to your family.

In the video, we witness the mother of the kid doing her best to make him smile, have fun, and believe in the magic of Christmas. We’re sure that a lot of you have experienced the same thing with your bigger kids, and the trick is to keep trying!

Toys and presents may not be as exciting anymore, but if there’s one thing we can learn from this video, it’s that this day is about more than just material stuff. It’s about being together as a family and having a great time.

Of course, at the end of this emotional ad, the “big kid” allows his inner child to take over and finally remembers why this day is so special. We can all learn from this story and try to make this day a lot more special for us and for our family because nobody is too old for Christmas!

Do you have a big kid in your family who doesn’t get as excited about Christmas as they used to? Please let us know if you do and what your plan to make them feel the holiday spirit is!

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