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10 Cool Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Jeans

The first jeans were made in 1853 by Levi Strauss as working clothes for farmers. And today, practically everyone has at least one pair of jeans. But this universal piece of clothing has its own secrets. While one model can turn you into a stylish fashionista, another can make you look terrible. Everything is important, from the fit, the fabric, and the pockets, all the way down to the seams.

We at Bright Side wear jeans all the time, which is why we decided to learn everything we could about them to understand what details affect the way we look.

1. The density of the fabric

Some people choose jeans made of thicker cloth for winter and fall and thinner fabrics for warmer weather. Very often, thin fabrics get stretched out fast and end up looking bad. Additionally, jeans made of thin fabrics only highlight the flaws of the body. But thick fabrics can hide some problem areas.

Good jeans must contain cotton and a bit of elastane. This helps to prevent the stretching of the fabric and the model becomes more comfortable to wear. Jeans with a lot of elastane are more like leggings. Such jeans look cheap and can make even a perfect body look bad.

2. The yoke

The yoke is the seam you can see above the back pockets. It looks as if it was made to round the shape from the back and form beautiful lines. In order to visually raise the buttocks from below, choose jeans with a bigger yoke angle. The smaller the angle, the flatter the buttocks will look.

3. The front pockets

Deep front pockets will make the hips look bigger. And if you have a model with smaller pockets that are above the pelvic bone, your hips will appear to be smaller. The width of the pocket is just as important. The wider they are, the wider that part of the body will look. By the way, many jeans for women don’t have front pockets, so there’s no problem.

4. The back pockets

The back pockets have a huge influence on how the buttocks will appear in jeans. Long and straight pockets will make the buttocks flat. The further apart the pockets are, the wider the buttocks will look. This is a very common problem, so you should be careful when choosing the perfect jeans.

To make the buttocks visually smaller, it’s better to choose jeans with average-sized pockets that are just below the waistline. To create a push-up effect, buy jeans with smaller pockets located sightly above. Also, the bigger the angle of the pockets, the rounder the hips will look.

5. The fit

Jeans with a low waist make the legs look shorter and those with a higher waist make the legs look longer. But there are still people that look better in low-rise jeans — like those with a short body and longer legs. High-rise jeans make the belly look smaller. But, of course, you have to make sure you keep the proportions right in order not to look super round. That being said, the rise of the jeans depends on your body parameters.

6. Cuffs

If you have tight jeans with cuffs, they will usually cut the length of your leg and create another horizontal line. If you don’t, the legs will look shorter and so will your entire body. You can use this trick: wear long boots with heels that will end under the jeans. It’s best if the color differs from that of the denim.

Low-rise pants look better without cuffs, otherwise, you pose the risk of seriously distorting the proportions of your body. But if you have banana jeans, the cuffs will make the legs appear more elegant.

7. The color

Dark jeans usually make the body look slimmer and enhance height. Lighter colors make the lower part of the body look bigger, and combined with dark shoes, they make you appear shorter. However, if you like light jeans but don’t want to look bigger, choose light-colored clothes on your upper half.

8. Decorative elements

Light lines and other accents can make you look bigger. So horizontal lines near the hips will make the pelvis look bigger and attract attention to this area. If you have vertical lines close to the middle of the leg, they’ll stretch the silhouette and make you look slimmer.

9. The side seam

The side seam on tight jeans always has to go exactly along the leg and be in the middle. If it’s not perfect, the legs will appear crooked and larger than they are. In addition to that, the entire look will appear to be messy.

10. The size

Buying a new piece of clothing that’s too tight in hopes of it motivating you to lose weight is a form of self-deceit. But don’t get too carried away by the oversized trend and try on jeans that are 2-3 sizes bigger than you need. Otherwise, they’ll make you look way bigger. Even oversized clothes have the “right size.” The main thing to remember here is that the jeans shouldn’t be tight on the waist because it will make your sides look very chubby.

You can check the size this way: if you can fit 2 fingers near the back, the size is correct. Blogger Billie Newland suggests a simple way of checking the size without trying on the jeans. Put your forearm in the waist of the jeans so that the palm is raised up. If you can fit in the arm, the size is perfect.

How do you choose your jeans? Tell us in the comment section below!

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