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15+ Brides With a Magic Touch Who Made Their Own Dream Wedding Dress

Every bride probably dreams of being unique on her wedding day, but it may not be that easy to capture your unique character in a dress from a store. For those who don’t want to be among the beauties who have to choose a ready-made dress, there’s an “simple” life hack — make your wedding dress yourself. And many women have done just that and evoked the most admiring glances from their invited guests.

We at Bright Side went through hundreds of wedding photos from brides who made their dresses on their own. It’s amazing to see women who have such different ideas about what they want to look like on one of the most important days of their lives.

“I made my own wedding dress. 79 ft of fabric, countless hours of work... It was worth it!”

“We both love fast food, so I made my wedding dress from burrito wrappings. Our love for each other is as cheesy as a quesadilla.”

“I fell in love with a dress, but it cost $2,200, so I decided to make the same one myself. I used scotch tape and a T-shirt to make a mannequin, and bought 26 ft of silk and lace.
Here’s the result.”

“I wanted my wedding dress to sparkle.”

“I bought a dress from a thrift store for $50 and transformed it. A lot of sweat and tears were shed during the process, but I felt like a princess at the wedding!”

“Sounds a little girly, but I made a wedding dress!”

“I spent at least 100 hours working on my outfit and felt great in it! I think my husband and I looked fantastic.”

“I knitted my own wedding dress. Enjoy!”

“I worked on my outfit for 8 months with the help of online courses. It didn’t work out perfectly, but I did it, and this is the most important thing!”

“I made myself both a wedding dress and an outfit for my husband. We wanted a celebration with forest fairy aesthetics. And this is what we got.”

“I knitted my lace wedding dress on the bus on the way to work. It took 5 months and less than $30 to create this beauty.”

“I sewed a wedding dress with the help of videos online. There is a lot of handmade work here.”

“I made a custom wedding dress. This is my first major project.”

“I made a wedding outfit with my own hands.”

“On my wedding day, I was still hemming one of the edges of my outfit... Creating your own dress isn’t for the faint-of-heart.”

“I made my own dress and got married last month! I changed the pattern a bit, adding pockets and more fullness in the skirt. The bolero is also hand-sewn.”

“My DIY wedding dress”

“I made my wedding dress. I wanted something unique that would really suit me, and it turned out great.”

“I crocheted my dress in 4 weeks!”

“I made my wedding dress and the wedding outfits for all the participants in the ceremony. It took about 6 months.”

What did your wedding dress look like? Show us the photos from this unforgettable day — they’re surely impressive!

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