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15 Things Trendy Women Would’ve Killed for in the Past but Wouldn’t Buy Today

Fashion is a very fragile, fickle thing. One day, it says one thing, and tomorrow, it completely contradicts itself. In fact, just one outdated detail can ruin a well-planned look. Before the next season comes around, you should check your wardrobe for clothes that are no longer trendy and get rid of them.

We at Bright Side are always trying to keep up with the modern trends, so we’ve looked into what famous bloggers and stylists recommend people to wear. We’ve made a list of anti-trends that we want to share with you.

1. Rabbit-shaped keyholders

In the past, we all used to have funny keychains and we hid them in our bags so that nobody could see them. Well, modern tendencies are all about minimalism and simplicity. And such toys on our bags are definitely not minimalistic.

2. Round toe shoes

Such shoes don’t look very modern, no matter what outfit you pair them with. Even the most feminine dresses look way too simple this way. And if you wear such shoes with skinny jeans, it’s something straight out of the 2000s. Pointy shoes, loafers, or sneakers are a more trendy alternative.

3. The classic trench

Even classic items change every 10 years or so — or at least the details and proportions do. Nowadays, trenches shouldn’t be tightly fitted or short. Instead, they should reach the middle of your shins or even your ankles.

4. Cold-shoulder tops

Clothing designers got a bit carried away with this new trend and until recently, it was possible to see open shoulders in just about any clothing, from more elegant looks to sportswear. There were so many clothes in this style that many people got tired of this trend. Those who love showing off their shoulders can buy tops with thin straps.

5. Boot stockings

The idea of wearing stockings made of suede, velvet, or leather wasn’t popular for a very long time. People realized that such boots look a bit vulgar and often make the legs look fat.

6. Leather leggings

Such leggings can make any outfit vulgar. If you want to buy leather leggings, buy the kinds that appear matte because any shiny surface can make you look bigger. Ideal leather pants should not be too slim. It’s better if they are a bit wide at the bottom.

7. Sweater dresses

Tight midi and mini sweater dresses are not modern-looking at all. Plus, there’s a chance that they can make you look like you’ve put on a few extra pounds. A long oversized sweater or a knitwear hoodie can be a great replacement.

8. Circle skirts

Popular thick skirts, often made of neoprene, are also on our list of anti-trends. Their simplicity doesn’t make for a good combination with other clothes. It’s better to replace them with high-rise skirts or a wrap skirt.

9. Extra decorative elements on the sleeves

Such elements on sleeves make the look appear cheaper. Today, looser models without any decorative elements are more trendy.

10. Shoes with red soles

Boots and other types of shoes with red soles that imitate Christian Louboutin shoes were very popular 5 years ago. Today, this is no longer a good thing to wear.

11. Neon colors

Just around 1 year ago, very bright colors became quite popular. But people got tired of this trend and neon colors are also very hard to combine with everyday clothes. Such colors will never become classic, and even if they do become trendy again, it won’t be for long.

12. Very tight clothes

Any slim-fitting clothes look vulgar and don’t appear to be very stylish. Today, more volume is better.

13. Black leather jackets

Black leather jackets have become unpopular. They’ve been replaced with leather jackets of brighter colors. Suddenly, stores are full of yellow, red, green, and blue models. And these colors make the leather jackets people are tired of fashionable again.

14. Maxi skirts

Maxi skirts have lengths that can be difficult to deal with. It might ruin your outfit and distort your body shape. It’s better to wear high-rise models that are ankle-long. They highlight fragility and femininity.

15. Charms

It seems that only yesterday girls were collecting charms on their bracelets. They were usually connected with personal memories, important moments, and people. Women of all ages were wearing them. But eventually, people got tired of this trend.

Which of these clothing items do you really love and not want to stop wearing?

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