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19 Stunning Brides Who Made a Statement With Non-traditional Wedding Dresses

Many women imagine themselves wearing the dress of their dreams: it’s a perfect outfit that will make them feel like an actual princess, and it will not only steal the spotlight, but it’ll also make your heart explode with joy when you see yourself in the mirror. Of course, there’s no better occasion to make that happen than your wedding.

Bright Side wants to show you 19 brides who chose the dress they really wanted to wear on their wedding day, regardless of the color.

1. “Dressed for our wedding reception, Japan, 1989”

2. “I knitted my wedding dress. It took a year and a half.”

3. “My colorful wedding dress! Fabric from Ghana, dress custom made in Kenya!”


5. “We did it and it was amazing!”

6. “My dad was our photographer.”

7. “We finally got our wedding photos back. What a good time, 11/28/21”

8. “On May 7th, 2022, I got Handfasted to my Forever! BEST DAY EVER!!!”

9. “I wanted to emulate the wedding gown in the 2015 live-action Cinderella, my favorite film of all time.”

10. “Glimpses of my 2-in-1 black wedding dress.”

11. “This is your reminder to get the dress of YOUR dreams, not anyone else’s.”

12. “My Teuta Matoshi wedding dress just arrived!”

13. “I got married yesterday.”

14. “Why not black?”

15. “They helped me find my Marchesa wedding dress, and I wanted to show you some of the pictures from the big day!”

16. “I personally designed a black wedding dress for my elopement!”

17. “My best friend’s wedding dress. Self-designed and drafted.”

18. “I’m still swooning over my old hag wedding dress, a vintage Gunne Sax!”

19. “My non-traditional wedding dress. I loved every moment of wearing it.”

For wedding gowns, do you prefer white or a non-traditional color? What does your dream wedding dress look like?

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