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20 Everyday Situations That Sum Up Our Lives as Girls

Bella Sriwantana is an illustrator who knows how to show some of women’s daily struggles and triumphs through striking illustrations that she shares on her Instagram and Facebook pages. Whether it’s an intimate moment with a loved one (pets included) or your relationship with the world at large, she knows how to add humor and color to ordinary life, and we want to share it with you.

Bright Side collected some of this artist’s comics to inspire readers with Bella’s take on everyday life, seen through a humorous lens.

1. Digital emotions vs In person

2. It’s a matter of attitude.

3. Men see it as a trap, women see it as a surprise.

4. Subtle ways to get what you want

5. Which one are you?

6. This is love!

7. With that faithful friend

8. They make us love them

9. “Understand me once and for all, Netflix, I’m always ready for you.”

10. Enough with all the drama... well maybe just a little bit more.

11. It’s always good to make new friends!

12. We’re adults! But don’t put us to the test.

13. She just has a unique personality.

14. What’s going on here?

15. Friends through thick and thin

16. Better to ask an expert (a human expert)

17. A little sense of humor, please

18. So... that’s me?

19. The relativity of time in the stomach

20. Everyone has a different idea of when the holidays start.

Would you react the same way if someone insulted you, as you would if someone insulted your best friend? Do you know someone who loves Christmas decorations all year round? What other similar things happen on an everyday basis? Tell us in the comments!

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Preview photo credit Bella Sriwantana / Instagram
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