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20+ Women Revealed How Dramatically Appearance Can Change Over the Years

Some people prefer to hide their childhood and school photos, while others are ready to share their pictures from the past and are proud of how they’ve grown and matured.

We at Bright Side like the second approach more: if these people were bold enough to reveal their old photos, they certainly have a lot of self-confidence. So we decided to include these women and their transformations on our list.

1. “What did I have to do to turn into the girl on the right? I learned how to apply makeup and stopped going shopping with my mom. That’s all.”

2. “My transformation”

3. Just have a look.

4. Stop eating so much every day? I didn’t know that was an option.

5. “It’s me.”

6. I just had to stop applying my makeup THIS way and grow out my bangs. It’s me at the age of 14 and 24.

7. “My secret is that I stopped going shopping with my mom.”

8. “It’s me at the age of 13 and 29. I don’t get it, why do we have to change?”

9. Well, if you started it...

10. This is me after I moved out of my parents’ house.

11. Something like this...

12. It’s me at the age of 18 and 28. I probably lost about 22 Ibs.

13. I learned to look chic in my childhood.

14. 16 years old and 21 years old

15. “I looked way cooler wearing my mom’s lipstick in the past than now.”

16. “I just replaced my cap with a hat.”

17. What a difference 5 years can make!

18. I stopped using my curtains as a background for my photos.

19. I found out how I can have visible eyebrows on my face.

20. 18 years old and 24 years old

21. Braces are life-changers.

22. Girls, you all look gorgeous but...

Maybe the changes in your appearance have been even more striking? We suggest that the boldest of our readers share their photos in the comments.

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