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8 Secrets to Looking Absolutely Immaculate in Anything You Wear

Style is not about the clothes themselves, but how you wear them. And that’s the fun part of fashion, it leaves the door open for you to explore your personality. But the truth is that, with a world of possibilities and trends, sometimes we need a little help to guide our fashion instincts and get the best out of each look.

We at Bright Side want to become your fashion fairy godmothers and share some of the best secrets that fashion gurus trust. These useful tips and tricks will make your clothes look perfect every time. And in addition to receiving multiple compliments, these secrets here will take your confidence to infinity and beyond.

1. Transform your strapless bra for a backless dress.

When you’re wearing a backless dress, chances are the last thing you want to draw attention to is your bra on your back. To keep all the attention on your back and not on your underwear, here’s a trick to transform your usual bra into a strapless one without spending a dime.

  • Remove the straps from your strapless bra.
  • Attach them to the clips on the back.
  • While wearing your bra, cross the straps behind you and bring them to the front.
  • Fasten the straps at the front and voilà!

2. Master lace necklines like a pro.

All you need to stop worrying about naughty necklines is lash glue. Add a bit of glue to your chest following the neckline and then gently press your clothes. That is all! Enjoy without worrying.

3. Forget about wrinkles in your clothes.

When you have no time to iron, and you prefer to spend that time enjoying the outdoors in a perfect outfit, this hack is for you. When you put the clothes in the dryer, add a few ice cubes. This almost magical tip will eliminate wrinkles. Set the dryer for 15 minutes, and as the ice cubes melt, the wrinkles will disappear.

4. Keep your denim always looking good.

If there’s anyone we can trust in a fashion emergency, it’s Kourtney’s Kardashian fashion stylist. She has shared the secret to keeping your denim looking like new without fading. Since with each wash the denim is more likely to lose its original color, the trick is to put them in a ziplock bag overnight in the freezer. This way they will lose the smell but will keep the fabric intact.

5. Soften up your tailored leather jacket.

Some leather jackets can get a bit uncomfortable when they are too stiff. To get rid of this, take your jacket into the bathroom and turn on the hot steam in your shower. Let the jacket steam up, it will start to soften and mold to your body once it gets moisturized. Just make sure you don’t bend your arms to avoid undesirable wrinkles.

6. Match your accessories with your clothes.

AFP PHOTO/JOHN STILLWELL/East News, Mohammed Mosteghanemi/Allpix Press/East News

Here is a new rule, your bag must match your clothes to make it look more elegant and classy. For years, we have been taught to do a mix-and-match between shoes and bags.

But now, the secret is to hit the combination of bag and outfit. This will create a special look and enhance your outfit. Just take inspiration from Princess Diana!

7. Size up on shoes

To avoid having your shoes ruin your night, always size up! Yes, fashion experts recommend celebrities go up a size, especially when going to an event or on the red carpet. This simple trick will prevent blisters and let you enjoy a girls’ night out.

8. Let stripes be your best friend.

When you want to include some stripes in your wardrobe, experts advise always choosing vertical stripes over horizontal ones. The reason why vertical stripes are a better decision to wear is that, for petite women, they can create the illusion of looking taller. While for plus-size women, they have the effect of making them look slimmer.

Do you have a top-secret fashion hack you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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